Double kill at cub hill
February 13 2013

On the morning of the 4th the pride were all located wandering through the Treetops area of the site.  AT1 and her younger siblings were in quite a playful mood and there was plenty of jumping around and chasing each other whilst they took their morning stroll.  After a quick drink from a nearby spring, they all came to rest in Etosha.  AS5 however was still full of energy and as he continued to wander around he finally found something to play with; a tortoise! 


Seeing AS5 make his interesting discovery KE3, KE4 and his sister AS4 could not resist getting involved and began to make their way over to join in the fun.  AS5 however clearly had no intention of sharing his find and, in a display of his developing male traits, he turned aggressively towards the girls and swiftly chased them away.  It seems AS5 is learning well from dad Milo, selfishly keeping his spoils all to himself.  A chip off the old block!

With the regular rains now quenching the dry earth the grass in Ngamo has shot up over the past week or so and it has given the lions just the type of habitat they prefer.  However, for our research team the long grass is not as favoured as locating the pride has been quite a task.  On the morning of the 6th however a long search was not needed as the pride were found in one of the shorter grassy areas of the site, Amboseli.  And they were exceptionally easy to find near Cub Hill as the bloodied remains of a zebra kill helped highlight their whereabouts.  

As the team approached, the girls and cubs were sleeping off their huge feast with bellies fit to burst.  But where was Milo?  Seeming it a bit strange that the usually selfish male was not hogging the carcass as he so often does, the team began to get a bit suspicious as to his whereabouts.   As the team moved slowly around the area, the undeniable signs of a scuffle were found but to their surprise it was not just one, but two zebra that had met their end.  Eventually all was confirmed and Milo was spotted some 30 metres away among the bushes with a breakfast all to himself.  

As the day drew on the pride spent their time lying flat out and full but by early evening they were ready for a second sitting and as the sun began to set our research team left the pride squabbling over the remains of their rather indulgent meal.  

Zebra kill


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