Everybody wants to be a cat
April 15 2012

Our researcher is, well, flabbergasted these days. It would seem the Ngamo pride have become masters of mystery. Each day upon entering the release it is now priority to obtain a visual of the large game species for a quick count. From this our researcher can make an educated guess as to whether the pride have made a kill and are perhaps feeding somewhere. Whilst the wildebeest herds have been decreasing steadily the lions have not been observed feeding for over a week! Despite this annoyance it is not to the researcher’s surprise. The average weight of an adult wildebeest is 215kgs, which is significantly less than the 308kgs of a zebra, and between 12 lions this meal can easily be devoured before dawn and out of sight.

During the early evening of the 6th the research vehicle slowly followed the females of the pride into Amboseli having been elusive for the majority of the day. It appeared one unknown lioness had spotted some game and began to slip away into the darkness in pursuit of yet another meal. Unfortunately the fading light meant our research team had to reluctantly leave and head back to camp leaving the unknown lioness to her duties. Just as the team rolled into camp however the general manager reported hearing the distinctive distress calls of a wildebeest and the even more distinct calls of feeding lions from Ngamo…tough luck for our researcher!

AS4, AS5 & KE4

On the 7th the team found the pride resting by water hole 1 where the previous nights' commotion had been heard. Our researcher scanned the entire area for a hoof or a morsel of wildebeest hair but alas, nothing. As the midday heat kicked in Kenge and Milo moved off from dozing in the road to the nearby shade of an acacia tree. As they rose they finally revealed some damning evidence of a kill; two large patches of blood soaked sand.

On the 8th only Kenge and her cubs were located, the rest of the pride had apparently gone AWOL. On the 9th however the cause for their absence was all but too obvious. With tremendous bellies the pride were found in Kruger walking off no doubt yet another unseen wildebeest kill.

Milo & KE4

During these abundant times in Ngamo the pride are anything but biologically stressed and the cubs playfulness on the 11th was proof of this. With times like these everybody wants to be a cat. 


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