Fowl play
October 25 2012

Phyre stalks guinea fowl

 "I tawt I taw a puddy tat a creeping up on me.  I did I taw a puddy tat as plain as she could be" : Phyre stalks guinea fowl.

Ever since cats have been cats they have made catching birds a priority pastime and it would seem that the same goes for the Ngamo lions or, should we say, young AS5.  On the 18th as the whole pride welcomed the morning by relaxing in Amboseli a flock of guinea fowl braved the lions' den and went for a stroll just metres away from twelve rather large sleeping cats.   AT1 was the first to notice and she crouched perfectly in a stalking position with her rear wiggling in anticipation of a launch.  Phyre, obviously never too old to get involved in a bit of fun, also crouched as the birds passed by but as they made their way past the alpha female she merely remained watching them, possibly taken aback by the boldness of the guinea fowl as they paraded unfazed by the eyes upon them.

The amusing procession of birds had held our research team’s attention so well that on glancing over at AS5 they noticed, to their surprise, that he had unbelievably snatched a bird from seemingly almost nowhere, and all without even having to raise to his paws! 

AS5 eats his bird

AS5 eats his bird

Happily he tucked into breakfast, pulling and plucking at the unlucky fowl, but it wasn’t too long before his siblings realised he had something exciting and KE3, KE4 and AS4 carefully made their way towards him to see what all the fuss was about.  Milo would have been so proud of his son as, showing promising signs of a future pride male, AS5 quickly snarled at KE3 as she made an attempt to get closer to him while he was tucking into his prize. 

AS5 tells his siblings not to come closer

AS5 tells KE3 not to get too close

And as the rest of the mini Ngamo pride had no choice but to look on, AS5 continued contentedly with only the occasional disgruntled look upon his face as he tried to remove the annoying feathers from his mouth. 


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