Graduation day at the ALERT Education Centre
April 21 2013

Yesterday we held our second graduation at the ALERT Education Centre for 42 Grade 6 Students from Mkoba 4 Primary School.


Before students were presented with their certificates, they spent some time writing down some thoughts on their experience at the ALERT Education Centre, here are a few of their comments:

Brandon - "I had never had an experience such as the one at AEC.  I learnt a lot of things , including about FIV that affects lions.  It is the equivalence to HIV. I also learnt about leopards and cheetahs.  I enjoyed the journey to the centre and the lessons too.  We had the best teacher who enjoys teaching and who is free so that we could ask any questions about anything we did not understand.  The program is helpful a lot because now I know about wildlife and I can even want a job in the wildlife industry.  I enjoy learning about animals and the forest."

Apolonia - "It was such an honour learning here at AEC. I would have loved to learn here at AEC for more weeks.  I learnt about the habitats we find in Africa. We should help to conserve the world by not poaching, and by creating awareness about conservation. I have learnt that the rain forest has four layers which are the emergent layer, the canopy, the understory and forest floor.  When we cut trees we should replace it by two trees.  I have learnt that we should conserve nature so that our little sisters and brothers will see animals too.  If we did not kill the Quagga we would have seen it too.  I enjoyed playing soccer in free time, what I enjoyed most was playing the game of the big five. I think the program was helpful because I have learnt about Africa.  I also learnt about many things about animals. My thanks goes to our Headmaster, Deputy Head, Teachers and our parents for supporting us in our program."


Agnes - "I learnt that conservation is preservation, protection, restoration of the natural environment, natural ecosystem, regeneration and wildlife. At AEC we learnt many different things about wild animals including elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards and many more.  I didn't know that a glass bottle can take 1 million years for it to decay. I also learnt that Quagga was a subspecies of the plains zebra.  We can help to conserve Africa's wildlife by looking after our own environment.  I enjoyed playing all soccer games.  This program helped me to learn more about Africa.  I have been paying attention in all the six modules we had. This program was amazing and I was addicted to it.  Lets conserve our environment to attract more tourists.  Africa is a world of wonders."


Yasha - "Our teacher, Sir Staben, was a brilliant teacher.  He taught us in a manner that everyone would understand."

Asarel - "I enjoyed this lessons and I wish our sir to continue his nice work and helping us to know about our world."

Sandra - "Sir Staben has been a nice teacher to us.  This teacher is very patient and different from all the teachers that have taught me since grade 1.  He is such  helpful teacher, if not for him I would never know about the Quagga.  let God give many years of life because he did much for us.  He teaches very excellent."



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