Gweru Community Projects
May 8 2012

Building at Mickey Mouse Preschool- the roof is now up!

We are building two classrooms at Mickey Mouse Preschool at the moment with funds generously donated by a past volunteer, Cassandra Beattie. The roof is now up and the walls have also now been plastered! All that’s left is to put in the doors and glass for the windows and then to paint!

Carpenter, Headmistress of the Preschool and our Projects Manager


Delivery of desks made for the special needs class at Mkoba 4 Primary School

Some recent volunteers, Ennio and Synove, who were actually the first to start working in the special needs class at Mkoba 4 Primary School, donated some money to get some desks made for the class as well as some stationery bought.

They are the only class in the school of 2200 students who have not had the privilege of being able to write on desks and have used chairs instead. The carpenter has finished the 6 x 2m long desks for the class and we delivered to them. The kids, teachers and headmaster were extremely grateful and couldn’t stop saying thank you!


Delivery of 5000 litre Water Tank to Chikumbiro Primary School: 29 March 2012

Four Norwegian volunteers, Sandra, Ronja, Julie and Birgitte donated money to buy a 5000 litre water tank for Chikumbiro Primary School.  They have 1420 students at the moment and have, like most schools in Zimbabwe, struggled to get a constant supply of water coming out their taps. With this generous donation the school can fill up the tank when they have water coming out of the taps and can use this supply when they don’t.

When we delivered the tank to the school we were pleasantly surprised by a welcoming array of thanking festivities! The school’s traditional dancers are ranked as one of the top in the country and greeted us with dancing. We then had a formal presentation in front of the school which was led by the school’s headmistress. The school’s parent’s committee also attended the occasion.

Thankfully the children now no longer need to bring water with them to school!


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