HIV Drug Administration at Mkoba Polyclinic
May 6 2015

Our volunteers visited the Mkoba Polyclinic on Monday last week.  ALERT through our ACT division, with our partner Antelope Park provide both manpower and material support to the Mkoba Polyclinic. 


Every two months, the Polyclinic hosts a HIV Drug Administration day for infected children where antiretroviral drugs are distributed and routine health checks are conducted. Our role is to lift spirits and bring fun and laughter to the children so that they do not dwell on the severity of their conditions. We managed to achieve high spirits all round; we played a series of games, sang songs and undertook some serious face painting. A number of our volunteers also assisted the Mkoba Polyclinic staff with the different administrative processes involved in such an event.

The volunteers had a great day; one of our volunteers commented that she felt she had truly made a long and lasting difference that day. This was great feedback for us as it reiterates the impact that our projects perpetuate, not just for the children but also for everyone involved.

Various materials were also presented to Mkoba Polyclinic during the HIV Drug Administration day; these included surgical gloves and other clinical supplies that were kindly donated by Champions for Children.

Feedback from one of our volunteers included:

Alicia Grethes, Sweden, Teaching and Lions Combo Project

”On Monday we went to a medical clinic in Mkoba where kids born with HIV every other month pick up their medication.  We started off by helping with the counting of the pills, 60 in each package made from leaflets.  After about an hour we went out to play with the kids to help make the hospital visit a fun thing, rather than scary.  We had brought face paint to paint the kids, a football, story books, games, pens and paper and it all was a huge success.  It was great to see how much the kids appreciated us being there playing with them and when we were leaving, they kept asking if we would be there the next time which shows how needed we are to them.  The visit at the medical clinic was a great experience and so much fun.”

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