It’s all smiles at Monde School
February 21 2013

One of the challenges facing students in African schools is affording to buy a suitable school uniform.  Children are grateful for the opportunity of an education and looking smart in their school colours is important to them.  Students from Monde Primary School are no exception. In this typically deprived Victoria Falls community, many children have to wear their everyday clothes to school. 

One Grade 6 boy, Mkhululi, is an orphan and lives with his grandparents. They regularly struggle to pay his school fees, but fortunately have managed to do so this term.  But a school uniform was out of the question for Mkhululi.  He regularly attended classes in old, second-hand clothes until he met one of our Community Volunteers.  Katie Adamson was impressed by this young boy’s commitment to his school work and happy personality and so decided to buy him a complete uniform.  This kindness meant a lot to Mkhululi as this was the first time in his six years at school that he had his own uniform.  ‘I am so happy,’ he said ‘Because this is the first time I am dressed well for school.  All I can say is thank you Katie from me and my grandparents.  They are also very happy that I look so smart.’

Many children at the Victoria Falls Orphanage don’t know at the beginning of each term whether their school fees will be paid, or not.  This term Primrose and Audrey started school with everyone else as normal, but after the first week were sent home as their fees were not paid.  When she heard this, Community Volunteer Danielle Anderson offered to pay for the girls to complete the term, as long as they were willing to work hard and try their best in school.  To repay Danielle’s generosity, Primrose has been putting in a lot of effort and Audrey, who had fallen behind in her school work, has been trying her best to keep learning and to make progress with her studies.  

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