Jubilant times for the pride
June 5 2012

While many of our UK followers have been enjoying hordes of scones, strawberries and cucumber sandwiches this week the Ngamo pride have enjoyed a more African dish; zebra.

On the 31st our PhD student could not believe his luck when he found Kwali wrapped around the throat of a very much still alive zebra in the Kruger area! Kwali sunk in her enormous canines into the struggling zebra’s windpipe whilst the cubs looked on with pure fascination. 


Kwali & KE3

Kwali & KE3

Ashanti launched herself on top of the riving meal using her weight to steady the thrashing legs. Kenge meanwhile decided not to hold back and began to feed upon the underbelly until the zebra final took its last breath.  After all the commotion and no doubt hungry himself our PhD student headed back for his own breakfast but unbeknown to him the lions were still on the prowl.

By the middle session a 2nd zebra kill was found approximately 200m from breakfast zebra I, in the Tree Tops area. The luncheon zebra had yet to be tucked into and in the meantime was being guarded from vultures by AT1 and Phyre.

On the 1st the pride has unsurprisingly split into two groups at the two zebra kills. Milo had positioned the Tree Tops zebra kill nice and snug into a nearby thicket to munch away on, whilst AT1, Kwali and Phyre gorged themselves on the first zebra in Kruger. The rest decided a nap would be most beneficial to help digest their huge feast.

On the 2nd our researcher choked in shock. ANOTHER zebra was found decimated in the Kruger area a few mere centimeters from the first kill. It would appear the pride had evolved into super-killers or the zebra foolishly kept returning to the same area where the lions were feeding. Most of the lionesses looked to have had their fill, even including lower ranking Nala and Narnia. This left Milo to finish off the carcass whilst son AS5 looked on from the bushes.

By late afternoon and into the morning of the 2nd all lions were just about fit to burst and movement was kept to a complete minimum.

Milo & AS5

Milo & AS5


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