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September 30 2012

AT1 basks on Cub Hill

AT1 basks on "Cub Hill"

The hotter weather has begun making its return to Ngamo and over the past week the rising temperatures seem to be taking a toll on the activity levels of the pride.  Over the past few days (23rd to 29th) our researcher has been met each day with the various contortions of sleep;  lions flopped all over each other with legs and paws in the air and plenty of bellies on display.   At times their slumber has been so deep that even some snores have been heard, quite unladylike of the female members of the pride.   

Kenge and KE4

Kenge and KE4

Nala & Kwali Copycats

Nala & Kwali Copy cats

And it’s not just the temperature levels that have been increasing.  Tempers have also risen as everyone’s tolerance levels have been tested this week too.   On the 27th as the pride lay in their favourite spot of the moment, in Amboseli, slowly they seemed to become more and more irritable.  Milo started the grumpiness off by growling as he slept causing Kenge, AS4 and AS5 to move away from him.  Kenge and Phyre were next as their patience was tested by the mini Ngamo members lying all over them, and poor little KE3 was abruptly warned off with a snarl from Milo as she slowly approached to lie beside him.  As the day went on even the less plucky AS5 snapped at AT1 as she sat on his face; although who could blame him for that!

But there’s only so much sleeping the energetic youngsters can do and, as the sun starts to set and the heat begins to give way, they rise from their long catnaps, stretch themselves out and begin to make nuisances of themselves as the adults are just beginning to enjoy the relief of the cooler air.  AS4 and AS5 tried their very best to wake up dad but Milo, who slept soundly, did not so much as flicker as they eagerly head-rubbed him in the hope of having some fun.  Having their playful advances ignored they resorted to playing by themselves with nearby branches while the grown-ups continued to doze and the evening drew in.   

AS4 & AS5 try to wake up dad

Wake up Dad


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