KE3 tries out her hunting chops
September 11 2012

On the morning of the 6th September the research team located the pride in Amboseli, a favourite resting spot of late. After spending some time observing their surroundings the pride managed to pull themselves out of their slumber with just enough energy to amble over to waterhole one. By the afternoon they had once more moved a short distance and were once more horizontal in Serengeti East, which is the way they remained for the rest of the day.

Milo with eldest daughter, AT1

The following morning the team found three of the mini Ngamo pride; AS4, AS5 and KE3 by themselves near waterhole 3, happily munching away on an old zebra leg. Not wanting to disturb their fun the team left them and found Ashanti, AT1, Kenge and KE4 in the Kruger region of the site. Ashanti seemed to be searching for her pesky cubs, calling them softly as she wandered through the bush. As the morning came to an end, excitement was on the cards as an unknown lioness (most likely Narnia or Nala) was seen driving impala straight in to the path of Kwali. A slightly lethargic Kwali wasn’t quite switched on to what was happening, and although briefly gave chase, soon gave up the hunt.

On the 8th it appeared that the four cubs were on an exploration mission by themselves as the team found them wandering through the valley with no adults present. However, Ashanti and Kenge didn’t seem too concerned by their cubs’ absence and were resting blissfully with Milo at waterhole one. On the 9th the cubs were reunited with their respective mothers, as Ashanti enjoyed some special mother-cub time at waterhole three, Kenge was with her cubs in Etosha alongside the other females and AT1.

AT1 eyes the impala

A proud moment for the research team occurred in the afternoon as KE3 showed off her stalking skills for the first time. As a herd of impala meandered through Etosha KE3 sat up tall and without hesitation began to skilfully stalk towards her target. Willing her on, the team watched with baited breath, but on this occasion she left it to the experts as Narnia once again showed the pride’s cubs how to stalk successfully. Unfortunately on this occasion, AT1’s exuberant chase was a little too early and Narnia was unable to make contact with her prey. Although a first stalk may not seem that significant it is a huge step forward for her progression as a huntress within the pride.


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