Kwali drools over the possibility of a meal
September 14 2012

It was a quiet day for the Ngamo pride on the 10th with the team locating Kenge and the four cubs moving through Serengeti East first thing in the morning. They soon met up with Ashanti and moved in to the thick bush of Hwange, where unfortunately, they managed to lose the research team.

Unable to relocate the two mothers and cubs the team set out to find the rest of the pride who, except Nala, were all found at the opposite end of the site in Amboseli.

By the afternoon Kenge, KE3 and KE4 had joined up with others in Amboseli and spent the rest of the day sleeping through the heat.

Kwali drools as she eyes up zebra

Kwali drools as she eyes up zebra

On the 11th excitement was on the cards from the very beginning as the team arrived to see Kwali and Kenge intently watching two zebra around 70 metres away. Having gone without a substantial kill for a few days, the sight of the two zebra was clearly too much for Kwali, who was eyeing up breakfast with literally mouth watering intent.

As Kwali crawled her way closer to the zebra, sister Kenge flanked right behind the water hole to sit in wait. Slowly the zebra edged closer and closer oblivious to the lions present. 


Kwali stalking

With Nala now also sat in wait to the left of the zebra, the girls appeared to have all options covered. With the wind firmly in favour of the lions, the zebra walked to within 10 metres of Kenge who was as flat to the ground as she could possibly be. The team waited and waited, hearts pounding as they expected her to chase, but Kenge still sat motionless. Eventually the zebra passed Kenge and moved towards Kwali who was much more proactive and stealthily crawled closer. But just as the team thought she may give chase the wind changed, sending the zebra fleeing as they picked up her scent. The quick movement of the zebra running towards her caught the attention of KE4 who was quickly on her feet, using an ant hill for cover as she stalked towards them. But it wasn’t to be and the zebra made a quick exit, leaving the lions to ponder about their near miss.

The 12th saw AT1 making yet another solo hunt, this time on a duiker in Serengeti East. Stalking to within approximately 15 metres, the young lioness playfully gave chase but didn’t really stand a chance on this hunt with such a speedy antelope being the target.

On the morning of the 13th all the hunting over the past few days was rewarded as the team found the whole pride on a zebra kill in the Valley. With tempers flaring poor Narnia was on the receiving end of an aggressive approach from Milo and soon scarpered to the safety of some nearby shady trees.

Milo dragging zebra carcass

By the afternoon all the pride except KE3 and Milo appeared to have had their fill and were now sleeping soundly nearby. Not wanting to give up his prize Milo stayed on guard until his body could not take anymore and fell asleep using the carcass as a pillow.

With tummies full the earlier aggression was all forgotten and the pride slept peacefully together as the sun set behind them.




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