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July 9 2012

Penya & Paza

The 2 P`s were as playful as ever today. After a relatively lazy walk, Paza and Penya came across the river. The cooler air by the water refreshed the cubs and they began to play. At first, things were quite friendly but as Paza became more excited the mood shifted and the two began to get more aggressive. Paza (the bigger female) dominated the fight and after a few minutes Penya had had enough of her step sister beating her up. We observed in awe as the aggressive nature of the cubs became apparent. The sheer agility of Penya to avoid the oncoming Paza, was incredible to see. These beautiful cubs constantly amaze us with their perfect mixture of brute force and agility. It is always a pleasure to watch.

Penya & Paza

The 2 L`s are at it again...... More zebra. You would think after the last incident (the one where the zebra fought back) that Lewa and Laili would have thought twice about stalking zebra. Think again! this has only made them more determined. As soon as they saw the zebra Laili was on to them in a flash. Firstly a standing stalk, as her head lowered she gained ground on the herd and not forgetting the lesson learnt from the last zebra encounter, she spotted a perfectly placed termite mound. She approached silently, the wind blowing in the right direction, they had every chance of getting close. Lewa followed close behind and appeared to copy Laili`s movements. Laili approached the termite mound, cleverly using it as the cover she needed. She popped her head up to check on the zebra. Moments before, the zebra caught a glimpse of the stalking lioness and gave a warning call to alert the rest of the herd. The zebra were on to them. They began to move away and Laili seemingly knowing the hunt was spoiled, just watched in frustration as the zebra moved off. The 2 L`s hunting skills seem to improve on a daily basis. It wont be long now until they succeed in their quest for a zebra.

Laili & Lewa

The MK`s made possibly the fastest ever night encounter kill. After around five minutes the lions spotted a common duiker. The duiker`s defence mechanism (which is to stay still until danger has passed) worked against the duiker this time. The lions' attention was fixed onto the motionless duiker. Mara was leading the stalk and broke into a sprint, with Moyo, Kali and Meeka close behind. As Mara started to run, the duiker also started to sprint. It was too late for the duiker as Mara was far too close at this point. Mara pounced on top of the small ungulate and the kill was very quick. Mara was extremely proud of her efforts and ran away with her prize. The other lions followed, but Mara became highly possessive and growled and snarled profusely until Meeka, Kali and Moyo gave her the room she was requesting. Moyo tried again to come and claim her kill, but Mara was not willing to share on this occasion. Moyo made a hasty retreat after Mara`s show of aggression. Mara ate the majority and the left overs were claimed by Moyo. A small meal for a two a half year old male lion, but at least he got some, unlike Meeka and Kali. 


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