Learning about the Environment at Chinotimba Preschool
June 15 2015

Volunteers D’Jody and Mark joined the Orphan Care and Teaching project in Victoria Falls during May. This is a great project as it focuses on making a Dual impact; a concept we place great importance at Wildlife Encounter. D’Jody and Mark got stuck in straight away. Not only did they assist with facilitating Conservation Education lessons for the children of Chinotimba Preschool, but they also made a generous donation, which was used to trim back a tree that was hanging over the classroom block. Principal Mrs. Nyathi was overjoyed, saying she could now sleep well knowing that the school and children inside were safe from harm.

Alongside tree felling, the volunteers prepared a full morning of lessons and activities for the Chinotimba class members. Education, in all its forms, is the cornerstone for the success of the ALERT programmes. Education not only helps us understand the need to conserve our natural resources, but also helps us to know how to meet challenges, and to take advantage of the benefits generated by conservation efforts. We focused the day’s lessons on the Environment with the objective of providing a holistic overview on this to our young audience.

The day began with a general introduction followed by a brisk nature walk around the school and its immediate surrounding. All class members were tasked with identifying specific objects in their natural surrounds and identifying their colours. It was a successful exercise and everyone not only enjoyed it, but gained valuable knowledge from the task.

Following this, fellow volunteer Milena ran a session titled Natural Art. The children were tasked with selecting different objects from their immediate environment, items such as flowers, leaves and sand, where the key was to chose creative objects that they could utilise for the Natural Art exercise. Everyone got very busy with pieces of Africa, glue, and colourful paper.  The result wasome interesting art pieces! Perhaps not quite Monet, but there was definitely some talent in the making!

The final activity involved identifying indigenous animals and correctly counting the number of legs on them; this provided good pre-Mathematics exposure as the class prepares for the subject at primary school level.

Our education programmes focus on providing improved access to more effective basic education and enhancing the skills of communities through conservation education. We strive to successfully achieve this through our engagement at ALERT supported programmes such as Chintimba Pre-School. To join us on one of our projects, click here


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