Milo gets involved in the hunt
July 27 2012

After gorging themselves on wildebeest and an adult impala on the 24th, the Ngamo pride spent the next day in a deep slumber. After a failed hunt on impala near waterhole two in the early morning, the majority of the pride slowly sauntered to Tree Tops to spend the day firmly horizontal.

Typically, loud snores emitted from Ashanti, much to the disgust of son AS5 who swiftly moved away to catch some zzzzz’s next to his sister AS4 instead until mom was awake again.

Milo, Phyre and AT1 had clearly decided to sleep off their food hangover elsewhere in the release site but did manage to waddle to join the pride just as the nightly ritual of grooming and wake up yawns began as the sun set. This was met with delight from KE3, KE4, AS4 and AS5 who enthusiastically greeted their missing pride members like they had been away for months on end.

Nala wakes as the sun sets

Nala wakes up as the sun sets

On the morning of the 26th the pride were again on the look out for prey in the Masai Mara area of the site. There was a surprising addition to the hunting party this time with Milo deciding that the girls weren’t going to have all the fun. However his hunting technique really could do with a little work; as the girls effortlessly disappeared in to the long grass, Milo stood proudly in full view of the zebra and impala that were being eyed up for breakfast.


But it soon became apparent that perhaps there was method to his madness as the prey, distracted by his sheer beauty (or maybe not), did not realise that Kwali and co. were closing in. As Kwali gave chase the impala fled straight in to the path of Milo who, with his belly swinging from side to side, comically bounded after the surprised antelope. Unfortunately this time it wasn’t to be, but it was great to see the man himself involved in the hunt.

As the whole pride moved off to find somewhere to rest, the cubs decided it was their turn to shine and impressed our researcher with some serious climbing skills. But soon enough, like the adults, the little ones settled down to catch their breath after a morning of excitement.

AS5 & KE3

AS5 & KE3


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