Milo, Watch Your Back!
November 23 2012

“And though she be but little, she is fierce” – William Shakespeare

As the sun rose over Ngamo on the 14th our research team came upon Phyre, Kwali and AT1 together with Ashanti, Kenge and their respective cubs all resting together in Hwange.  The lionesses and the younger pride members appeared to be quite settled and so the team set off in search of missing Nala, Narnia and Milo.  After a drive of the site the devoted sisters were eventually spotted resting side by side in Etosha, close to waterhole 2.  But there was still no sign of Milo who was probably taking some time out from the girls as he often does.  By the afternoon the elusive male had still not made an appearance and the girls and the cubs remained lazing in Hwange.   As the early evening set in Nala, and a few moments later, Narnia, came into sight moving through the long grass towards the rest of the pride.

It wasn’t too long before the last remaining pride member finally showed up and Milo strolled slowly towards the girls and cubs to join them in a quick catnap before the sun set for the day.  However the ever-mischievous AS4 seemed to have entirely different plans for her evening and sleeping looked to be far from her mind. 


As she sat upon an anthill watching Dad arrive she seized her chance to take on the unsuspecting male and after a few entertaining moments of watching her peep from her hiding place she sprung into action and bounded over to Milo as he turned his back to her. 

AS4 & Milo

AS4 & Milo

Milo didn’t seem too impressed with his young cub’s playful advances and after a show of his formidable teeth he calmly went to rest alongside the more mature members of his pride. 

Although AS4 is the smallest of the cubs what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality and is often the one who initiates bouts of play among her siblings and AT1.  And perhaps cleverly of all, she seems to have perfected the art of sneaking by Milo at mealtimes when he is at his most aggressive by bravely tricking him with a friendly head rub before quickly settling beside him to eat.  Perhaps her brother and half-sisters could learn a thing or two from the plucky little cub?    


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