Mongooses & lizards for the cubs at Antelope Park
August 14 2012

The females of Chete & Chobe started to stalk as they came across a white-tailed mongoose (that grow up to 1.5m in length) in an open area of scrub land whilst on a night encounter. Chete was leading the stalk this time.  Chobe followed with interest whilst the boys wandered off in the opposite direction.  Both females were using a direct approach.

Chete sprung into action first and in her usual energetic fashion sprinted off after the now fleeing mongoose. The mongoose was quick but not quick enough and Chete dispatched it with ease.  

Chobe came over to see if she could share (or possibly steal) this prized possession from Chete.  But she was not having any of it and became very possessive over the kill. Finally noticing the commotion the two males came over to investigate. Chete, not willing to share, noticed their advances and made a hasty getaway to evade losing her meal.

Monitor lizard kill

During an afternoon walk young Penya and Paza decided to stop and relax on the warm rocks. After five minutes or so of dozing there was a rustling sound coming from some nearby long grass. Both cubs woke up and stared intently in the direction of the sound; their ears pricked up.  They began to move stealthily from their comfortable resting place. As they got onto the ground the noise got much louder as out of the long grass came a monitor lizard, now frantically running at full speed. Penya saw the lizard take refuge down a hole and strutted forward with Paza close behind intent on finding out where this lizard had gone.

They eagerly began digging until Penya managed to grip a hold on the lizard, dragging it from its hiding place. Always the opportunist Paza then steals the lizard from Penya and becomes extremely protective of it. As Penya realises she will not get this one back she turns her attention to another monitor lizard, previously unknown to all of us.

Penya catches this second lizard but drops it at which point it decided that playing dead might work.  Penya falls for it and turns away at which point the lizard makes a dash for it amongst the rocks and crevices around the area.  The chase lasts two minutes before the young lioness loses interest.

She returns to try her luck again with her first catch that Paza now has, but the growls from her partner ward her off. Considering she didn't even make the kill Paza seemed fine with parading it around for the whole rest of the walk, taking it all the way home to snack on later.


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