Rainy days and Sundays
October 19 2012

The 13th October saw the beginning of a refreshing few days in Ngamo as the rain paid a short visit to quench the dry earth.  It was lunchtime as the shower began and the pride were taking a leisurely stroll of their territory in The Valley.  As the heavens opened and the downpour began Phyre, Ashanti, Kenge, Kwali, Nala, Narnia, AT1 and the four youngest Ngamo cubs hastily moved into a nearby bush.  It wasn't quite big enough for eleven lions to gain shelter from the deluge however. 

Huddled together

They remained among the foliage, all huddled together, until the rain eased off and, as it did, it left behind a fresh crisp air that the pride no doubt felt too.  As they gradually made their way from their shelter bouts of play erupted amongst the younger pride members with mischievous AS4 leading the fun and leaping upon her brother and half-sisters. 

As they moved through The Valley it seemed the clearer atmosphere had blown away the cobwebs of recent lazy days for the more mature members of the pride as well, who were on high alert and seemingly looking for food.  It wasn’t long before they found it!  A small herd of impala were spotted and with The Valley yielding perfect long grass for cover the lions were soon completely out of sight and all went quiet.  After some moments, during which the pride was presumably getting silently into position, there was a flurry of action as the impala bolted with Phyre, AT1, Ashanti, Kenge and Kwali hot on their tails.  But alas the impala, being so spritely, managed to evade the speeding lions and after a few exhilarating minutes the hunt came to an end and they returned to their stroll towards TreeTops. 

On Sunday afternoon, 14th, the pride, minus KE4, AS4 and AS5, were all relaxing in Etosha.  After  a restful day with KE3 being the only cub present, mothers Ashanti and Kenge rose from their naps and made their way through the lengthy grass towards Kruger, no doubt to retrieve the missing youngsters.  Although their respective cubs are now, and will soon be one year old, Kenge and Ashanti are still proving to be very protective of their cubs.  As they both made their way deeper into dense woodlands they soon disappeared from view leaving the whereabouts of the three mini Ngamo pride members a mystery to all, except their mothers. 

The next day, 15th, the rain returned once again and by late afternoon a dark heavy cloud was making its way over Ngamo as the pride rested at Cub Hill in Amboseli.  Nala and Narnia had left the group and were spotted wandering together towards Kruger as their fellow pride members lazed in the swiftly disappearing sunshine.  As the cloud loomed overhead and the first few drops of rain began to pat down bath time commenced as AS4 and AS5 hurried over to mum for a good licking. 

Ashanti and AS4

AS4 & Ashanti

But the sunshine wasn’t willing to surrender so easily and as the shower continued a soft rainbow emerged falling gently over the Ngamo pride giving a breathtaking view as they lay together grooming and head rubbing each other, reaffirming their important bonds as the day came to an end.  


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