Recent tales of the Ps, Ls and Cs
June 18 2012

Lewa and Laili drinking

All Lewa and Laili want to do these days is hunt and are stalking on most lion walks (apart from when they have just been fed, its normally too much effort with such a fat belly). They were taken on a walk / first day encounter accompanied by our illustrious guest and filmmaker for animal planet, Don Percival. The outing went great, with the 2L`s killing an impala. The fast food of the bush was no match for the pair, who looked liked seasoned pros. It was amazing to watch (and even better to get on film!) as they worked together and out smarted the impala. These two are not cubs anymore, they have an amazing understanding and are rapidly becoming real lions. The future is bright for Lewa and Laili.

Lewa and Laili

The two P`s are also doing well. They have not been as successful with killing as their older role models, but Paza did kill a banded mongoose on one of the walks about 6 weeks ago. Penya also impressed the other day as she stalked and managed to scare a large flock of white faced ducks. Sadly she didn't manage to get close enough to catch one, but we were highly encouraged by her sharp hunting instinct. Paza and Penya are growing up very quickly and learning fast. Life as lions for these two beautiful females is quickly becoming a serious business.

Penya and Paza

Penya Scaring Birds

The C`s went out for their day turning to night encounter. They were very active and stalked impala right from the off. There was an open patch of ground and the two females Chobe and Chete headed straight for the herd. No luck though as the distance proved to be too much in such an open area. After spooking the impala, they decided to go for something a bit bigger.... Giraffe! They got impressively close, but failed this time, as the Giraffe, seemingly running in slow motion, put safe distance between themselves and the four oncoming lions. Not perturbed by the unsuccessful start, they then went for Zebra.  Chete who spotted the herd first started her own personal hunt and was off in a flash. Chundu, Chobe and Chisa were on their own mission. Working together, they cleverly managed to separate one stallion from the herd and chased him in the direction that Chete had ran. After Chete`s personal hunt had ended, she did not have time to catch her breath as she looked up and saw the stallion heading toward her. Quite confused by this fast paced turn of events, her instinct kicked in and she flattened herself to the ground and waited for the zebra to draw closer. In the blink of eye she burst into action, but sadly, the already spooked zebra was able to avoid the make shift trap and made a hasty getaway. Now it was sunset, and as darkness was upon them, the lions would normally have the upper hand. Today this did not prove to be the case, as the game seem to of had a sixth sense that there were lions on the prowl. The four eager hunters still tried, but were noticeably tired after all their hunts in the daylight. We carried on for a few more kilometres giving the lions every opportunity, but the game seemed to disappear as the cold of the night set in. On their way back home, the lions came across giraffe once more. Excited to settle the score, the lions body language immediately changed, ears forward and eyes fixed onto the tower of giraffes. Chobe was the leader yet again and flanked around the left hand side. Chisa showed a lot of interest as he moved straight toward the giraffe. Chundu paid some attention but was more focused on his sister rather than the giraffe. Chete (the bundle of energy) could not contain her excitement and after about two minutes of stalking decided to break cover and run straight at the giraffe. Unfortunately this was the hunt and the evening over, as the giraffe ran into the darkness. Even though none of the four stalks resulted in a kill, it was great for the lions to experience stalking at night for the very first time. We are all very proud of the four C`s progress and cant wait for the next one.



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