Remains of the Day
December 19 2012

The 13th surely was an unlucky day for some in Ngamo.  In the afternoon, as our research team entered the site, the pride were found in Amboseli where they were just beginning to tuck into a zebra they had caught only moments earlier. 

Lion Zebra Kill

As Milo and co. squabbled over their meal our research team went ahead with arrangements to conduct another of the territorial playbacks.  Today’s playback recording would be of 3 females and the team were keen to see what the reaction of the pride would be as they were in the midst of feeding.  As the playback commenced, and the unfamiliar roars resonated towards the pride, it was Milo whose response was the strongest as he swirled his impressive mane quickly around to look in the direction of the roars.  The girls and the cubs also paused one by one from feeding as they heard the three "intruding" females but the mysterious roars weren’t enough to distract their attention for too long and they soon return to their meal without moving off to investigate. 

The next day the girls were up and about again stalking zebra in the areas of the release site known as Camp.  AT1, Phyre, Kwali, Nala and Narnia led the hunt as Milo, Ashanti, Kenge and the young cubs continued to rest at Waterhole 1.  As the herd moved into Masai Mara AT1 and the pride’s notorious hunters, the 2Ns, slowly followed - but the zebra soon gained too much distance from the lions and the girls returned to the rest of the pride to laze in the morning sun.

On the 15th the pride was located resting at Waterhole 2, all looking suspiciously rotund.  Their large bellies and their sleepy state gave our research team reason to believe they had fed well overnight, but the source of their meal was yet to be found.  By the afternoon our suspicions were confirmed and a devoured zebra carcass was spotted in the grass not too far from where the stuffed lions were sleeping.  As the temperature rose over Ngamo the pride continued to rest, hardly stirring as a herd of impala made their way past the sleeping cats. It was only Kwali who awoke from her slumber but even she could not find the energy to stalk and the lion and antelope merely stared at each other across the grass before the herd moved on out of sight. 

Kwali & Impala

The following day the pride spent their morning resting in Serengeti East.  A midday rain shower must have disturbed their relaxation time as by early afternoon the 12 lions had vanished and our research team entered into a long game of hide and seek.  After a long search of the site the pride were eventually located in Hwange, all innocently resting together under a darkening sky as the day came to an end.  

Ngamo lion pride


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