School clubs go from strength to strength
February 5 2013

Lessons resumed at the Mukamusaba Conservation Club, in Mukamusaba School, towards the end of January.  As it was the children’s second week back at school after their Christmas holidays, they were already keen to settle down to work.  The club is gaining popularity and a re-registration on the first day saw the total number of members up to 38; an encouraging sign for the school and Lion Encounter Zambia staff.

The first lesson was about pollution; a general discussion about the problem and some of the types of pollution that exist. The syllabus will look at each type of pollution in more depth to educate the children about the causes and also ways that the effects of pollution can be minimised.  The first area the class studied was water pollution; a particularly significant problem in Africa, which can affect not only local populations and animal species, but also native plants and organisms.

The classes were largely thanks to a group of volunteers who planned and delivered the informative, yet enjoyable, lessons.  Each volunteer played a part in both the planning and teaching and all enjoyed the experience of working with such an enthusiastic group of students.     

The Twabuka Reading Club, at Twabuka Primary School, also started again in January following the Christmas break.  The children have now been divided into three different reading levels to ensure that each one is reading at a level that is achievable, but still offers a degree of challenge and the chance to develop their skills.  As this is a new initiative, progress will be monitored and the children’s initial levels may need to be adjusted once they have settled back in.  It is anticipated that reading at a suitable level will allow the children to make faster progress and increase their confidence levels.  By instilling a love of reading at an early age, pupils are more likely to view this as a positive activity throughout their schooling to the benefit of their overall education.  The addition of reading levels has also allowed the club to take on extra members; which everybody involved is very happy about.

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