Seriously, just don't mess with her
August 6 2013

The beginning of August and the research team discovered AT1, Kenge and her two cubs, KE3 and KE4, moving around waterhole 2.  After grabbing a quick drink they moved off towards Route 66 and into the Camp area of the site. With the rest of the pride nowhere to be seen it seemed they too were on the search for the missing pride members.

As they moved into Etosha something caught AT1's attention.  Soon her ears were flattened as she quickly moved into cover. This had also attracted the K cubs' attention and they stopped to watch their older half-sister stalk a herd of wildebeest that was strolling through the thicket ahead.  

AT1 stalks towards the herd

AT1 stalks wildebeest

The herd continued to graze and AT1 edged her way closer, with KE3 not far behind.  As the pair took cover behind an ant hill something spooked the herd.  Kenge, who had been watching her daughter and niece's effforts from the back of the group, quickly flanked right.  But her involvement in the hunt came too late and the flighty wildebeest made a hasty retreat.

Kenge enters the fray too late


Soon the wildebeest were out of sight. Kenge, AT1 and the K cubs regrouped under the shade of a tree where they settled for the rest of the day.

The 2nd saw the Ngamo pride on a fresh impala kill in Amboseli. Kwali, Phyre, Nala and KE4 were feasting on the fresh carcass whilst the others waited patiently on the sidelines.  Dominant male Milo arrived on the scene and edged his way closer to the kill.  Tell tale grumbles began to emanate from the feeding group signalling that the prides dominant female had had enough of sharing.  Phyre swiped at Milo before turning her wrath against any other lion within batting distance.  Standing over a now deserted carcass Phyre dragged it away from the hovering pride.  Milo once again tried to grab a bite to eat but a determined Phyre once again chased him away. The pride know better than to mess with the alpha female at meal times and, led by Ashanti and Kenge, saw fit to move off towards a waterhole and leave the feisty Phyre to finish off her breakfast in peace.

With summer just around the corner the 4th saw the slumbering Ngamo pride soacking up the first rays of sun after a chilly weekend. Stomachs fill to the brim of a zebra kill made the night before they rested near waterhole 2 bellies up and enjoying a lazy Sunday. 

Ngamo pride


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