Sustainable Garden Project Provides Hope at Old People's Home
March 30 2015

Just a stone’s throw from the majestic thunder of the Victoria Falls stands the Old People’s Home where volunteers provide support and assistance on a weekly basis. One of the gardens of our garden project is also situated here.

 The garden is enclosed in a mesh and wood structure, erected to overcome the hardships the home encountered with farming due to the frequent visits of baboons to the area. Even as the volunteers worked in the garden one morning in March, baboons sat and observed them from the top of the wall, eager for an opportunity to steal some of the crops that don’t grow under the enclosure.

Despite the ever-present pests, the garden has gone from strength to strength.

“Since July they planted some tomatoes, then there were some herbs inside which did very well,” says Rebecca, one of the staff members at theOld People’s Home who takes care of the garden almost daily.“Until they uprooted them when they put corn and corn was there it was really good, too.”

The maize that was grown these past few months in the garden was the first time this particular crop has been grown by the group here at the Old People’s Home, as all other harvests were destroyed by baboons. Volunteers helped in every capacity with this harvest, and many others, from planting to watering to cultivating.

“We cooked it here then they called these guys and they fed it here as

a group,” Rebecca explains. In fact, the garden supplies the elderly at the home as well as Rebecca and Concilia who take care of our elderly with much-needed fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

“Even yesterday we ate okra from the garden, and maybe every two or three days we eat something from the garden,” explained Rebecca of the garden’s success.

As for Rebecca’s wishes for the future of the garden, she says she’s confident the garden will continue to produce and help the home, though she wishes for it to expand in the coming months and years.

“We hope that the garden will produce something so that we can sell something for us to have other food like milk,” she says.

In all, the future of the garden in at the Victoria Falls Old People’s Home looks bright!

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