The Kids Make the Rules at Twabuka Primary
February 16 2015

The main aim of the Book Club project is to enrich children’s literacy levels.This initiative by ALERT and Lion Encounter has taken a step in helping the kids of Twabuka Primary School to improve their English reading and writing skills.

One 5th of February, two volunteers, one community intern and staff delivered the Book Club in Twabuka school to approximately 50 children who turned up for the session.  Most of the children did very well on the weekly spelling test, and all the children are showing improvements in this area.  We then moved to poster-making!  Children were asked to design posters that comprised of drawings and text which offer useful advice for Twabuka’s pupils.  Children were free to focus on whatever issues they wanted to focus on, and to design their posters in whatever way they felt best conveyed the message.  The children displayed their artistic and literacy talents as they produced posters to emphasize helpful school rules such as keeping the classroom tidy, no fighting, speaking in English, and being punctual for lessons.  With their informative and beautifully presented posters completed and posted around the walls of the school, it was time for our ‘suitcase library’ to open for the weekly business of exchanging books.  This is always a popular activity with the children as they excitedly swap the book they borrowed from the ‘library’ last week, for a new one.  We also ask the children to discuss books they’ve read, in English, to see how much they’ve engaged with the plot and characters presented.  The library is proving beneficial not only for reading, but also for conversing in English.

We are currently fundraising to further improve and extend the literacy materials we’re able to put  into the schools.  We would like to be able to offer a Book Club to more of the schools we work alongside in Zambia and Zimbabwe.  The joy of reading not only motivates engagement with the English language, but access to books is something we believe is every child’s basic right.  We don’t need extravagant amounts of money to make a difference here.  If you’re able contribute a little something to help us, please visit our Just Giving page at


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