Two graduations for the AEC
May 6 2015

It was a wonderful week for the AEC last week; we had the privilege of holding two graduations where a total of 108 students graduated from the ALERT Conservation Education programme. This was a momentous occasion and marked the solidification of vital conservation knowledge in the minds of the next generation. We are confident that the curriculum the children of Mkoba 4 and Takunda Primary have completed, will give them the discernment to sincerely appreciate and respect their natural surroundings; we also believe that this knowledge will empower them as future leaders when they enter the workforce and gain the position to influence and direct strategic decisions. 

The graduation itself allows the children to put into practice what they had learnt over the 8 weeks; they are also able to meet many of the majestic creatures that they learnt about during the course, these included – the lion, elephant, zebra, giraffe and antelope!  When the children graduate from the programme, they take with them; knowledge, experience, and many once in a lifetime memories, all of which we are so pleased to be a part of.  Well done to our two teachers who have shared their knowledge with the children in the bid to safeguard our wildlife for generations to come!

Feedback from the AEC staff included:

Mkoba 4 Primary School Graduation, Tinashe Gonye, Zimbabwe, AEC Student Teacher

“This year 51 students attended the 8 week long Conservation Education programme.  Their visits to the AEC help them very much in knowing and understanding the basic principles of wildlife conservation.  They learnt principles such as what conservation is, what would likely happen if we don’t conserve our wildlife, African cats, animal classification, etc.  On the 1st of Apri,l they came for their graduation at Antelope Park where they were exposed to various wild animals such as lion, wildebeest, elephants, giraffes, impala, etc.  Later on that day, the graduates received their certificates at the ALERT Education Centre.”

Takunda Primary School Graduation, Staben Porovha, Zimbabwe, AEC Teacher

“In 2014 AEC incorporated another school in its Conservation Education programme (Takunda Primary School).  A pilot group of 60 students successfully graduated in December 2014.  This year, 57 students participated in the 6-8 week long conservation programme.  The visit to the AEC introduced these students to basic concepts of wildlife conservation.  Things such as: what conservation is; animal classification; basic tracking; etc. were covered in the 6 modules. The 3rd of April was celebration and graduation time for this class where they could look back on their achievements and the lessons they had learned.”

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