Under summer rains
October 2 2013

As the month of September drew to a close clouds covered the Ngamo release site, providing some much needed relief in the warming summer months. On the 29th the research team discovered the Ngamo pride scattered between Masai Mara, Camp and Amboseli.

Phyre, Ashanti, Kenge, AT1 and KE3 were in Masai Mara. As a cold wind picked bringing a light rain to the release site the group huddled together for warmth.  AT1, not in a deep slumber like the rest, kept an eye out for any passing meals.

Milo was soon located in Amboseli keeping Narnia company as she continues to recover in management enclosure. Nearby Nala, Kwali, KE4, AS4 and AS5 rested, also huddled together to protect each other from the prevailing wind. The young pride members moved closer to one another, leaving Kwali and Nala on the edges of the group. Nala edged closer, resting her chin on KE4.

AS5 (front left), AS4 (back), and Nala (right) resting on KE4 (centre)

Nala snuggles up to KE4

Kwali, seemingly restless, moved off into the open, giving the area the once over for any potential meals. After scrapeing her claws on the trunk of a msasa tree she moved off in the direction of waterhole 1. Once on Route 66 she headed off into Masai Mara and towards the other group. After a few pauses in case of any impala in the area, she strolled through the grass to greet her niece KE3 and dominant female Phyre, before settling next to Ashanti.  



The morning of the 30th and the research team first came across pride male Milo on his own in Etosha. After collecting GPS coordinates of his position the research team continued the search for the rest of the pride. Once in the Tree Tops area AS5 was seen on his own, seemingly searching for the rest of his pride, smelling the ground for any sign of the pride walking through the area. The young male, soaking wet from the continued rain throughout the night, moved off into a thicket in the Valley, quietly calling to the others.

Sight was lost of the young prince so the research team soon moved into Tree Tops. Up ahead the tell tale black patches on the back of lions' ears could be seen through the long grass. Up ahead Phyre, Nala and Kwali could be seen strolling through Kruger. Kwali playfully stalked dominant female Phyre as she moved through the long grass before chasing her a short distance. After a quick greeting the trio continued their morning stroll. Soon the research team spotted in the rear view mirror a sprinting AS5 who was trying to catch up with the females. Once he had caught up they all moved into Etosha where Phyre’s pace qickened slightly and soon Kenge and KE4 were seen greeting the dominant female as the rest of the pride slowly wandered down from Route 66. After warm greetings were exchanged the pride soon settled huddled together in the long grass as the rain continued to fall over the release site. 



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