Vital Assistance at Mkoba Polyclinic
January 19 2015

Amongst a myriad of community needs, healthcare is one of the most vital. The local Gweru clinics are often understaffed and poorly resourced, therefore can only provide treatment of a limited quality to their patients. Our healthcare projects work in collaboration with four of these clinics providing volunteer assistance. The largest clinic within our scope of work is the Mkoba Polyclinic- providing services to approximately 50,000 people. Services provided at this clinic include: HIV/TB treatment; Immunisation: family planning; home visits and maternity care – both pre & post natal.

Our volunteers assist the staff with basic duties, which opens up time for the staff to pay attention to the more important roles that are required from them. As staff numbers at the clinic are low, volunteer support is greatly appreciated and certainly needed. 

The volunteers report very positive experiences from their time at the clinics and are grateful for the opportunities they are given to assist and to learn. Observing the birthing process and assisting in the weighing and dressing of newborn babies is a role where our volunteers are always pleased to lend their services.  One of our interns, Erin, tells us about her experience on the nightshift:

“This week I was able to witness and help with two deliveries in Mkoba Poly.  It was amazing to be a part of something so beautiful as the gift of life. I can’t think on anywhere else I would have been able to experience this.  I also took vitals of sick patients, did pregnancy check-ups, cleaned the clinic and packaged antibiotics.  I’ve been able to do so much in just a short week.  The most rewarding experiences I’ve had are talking and comforting sick patients. Making someone smile, American or Zimbabwean, is a priceless joy that I have been blessed to have here.”

                                                                                Erin Peel, USA, Medical Project

It is very important to us that our projects positively add to the community and that the experience is a constructive one for everyone involved. There is a huge amount of contribution that can be made and we are striving to play our part within this through the services that we as an organisation are able to provide.


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