Dambwa Release pride
  • The one that got away
    July 2 2018
    To Loma's dismay, with success must come failure.
  • Giving the pride the run around
    June 11 2018
    Visitors to the Dambwa release site have been keeping the lions on their toes so far this month.
  • The Circle of Love
    May 11 2018
    Females from the Dambwa pride have been enjoying a prolonged social grooming session together.
  • Hide and Seek
    April 18 2018
    Dense foliage is making the Dambwa release site an ideal place to play spot-the-lion, whether the research team are in the mood for games or not!
  • Simply Being Sociable
    March 22 2018
    Wet weather hasn't dampened the Dambwa pride's enjoyment of social interactions.
  • A very ceLEbratory birthday
    February 13 2018
    January was a special month for three members of the Dambwa pride.
  • A Christmas Feast
    January 4 2018
    While enjoying a smaller than average 'snack', little did the Dambwa pride know that the best was still to come.
  • A Killer of a Prize
    December 19 2017
    A peaceful research session quickly turned into a race to find a kill as Leya bagged the prize in the Dambwa release site.
  • You are never too old to have fun
    November 17 2017
    A sprinkling of rain and a cool wind make perfect conditions for play in the Dambwa release site.
  • What goes up must come down
    October 25 2017
    A surprise visitor in the Dambwa release site disturbed LE1’s morning nap - but not for long!
  • A tough job, but someone has to do it
    October 9 2017
    Being downwind from the Dambwa pride after a meal is never a good idea.
  • Follow the Leader
    September 28 2017
    Where Rusha goes, the rest of the Dambwa pride usually follow.
  • All she needs is love
    September 12 2017
    Lately, it's all about the love for 'social glue' Rusha, as grooming sessions with other females in the pride become her favoured pastime.
  • Like Father, Like Son
    August 23 2017
    RS2 is looking more and more like father Zulu every day.
  • Sticks and stones…and bones!
    August 4 2017
    The past couple of weeks has seen the sub-adult males of the pride go a little crazy with object play.
  • Social time and the mysterious egg
    July 20 2017
    The past few weeks have seen the Dambwa pride relax and dedicate some time to increasing their social bonds, all except for one morning when an egg was discovered!
  • Playbacks and long grass…
    July 7 2017
    As the RS sub-adults reach adulthood, the research team has been busy with a study looking into lion personality. However, the long grass and thick vegetation certainly makes any research a challenge!
  • Age is just a number
    June 26 2017
    The cooler weather has brought out the playful side of some of the Dambwa pride adults.
  • When the adults are away, the sub-adults come out to play!
    June 9 2017
    RS3 shows her brother that when it comes to unwanted play behaviour, sometimes enough is enough!
  • Fun and games
    May 25 2017
    This past month the sub-adults of the Dambwa pride have been showing more independence with the research team finding them away from the adults, but what mischief have they been getting up to?
  • An Easter feast and discipline from dad
    May 2 2017
    After the Easter break, the pride was found in a food coma; when sometimes keeping your distance from dad is a good idea!
  • Sibling Love
    April 19 2017
    As temperatures start to drop in Zambia, the Dambwa sub-adults have been busy playing; however, it is not all fun and games!
  • Doves and Friendships
    April 5 2017
    While doves provide a distraction to a young huntress, the bonds between siblings continues to grow.
  • Funny Faces and Lion Puddles
    March 16 2017
    Alongside serious data collection, the behaviour of the Dambwa pride does give our research team some laughs.
  • For the love of trees and birds
    February 22 2017
    This month, the Dambwa pride have been occupied with bird watching and hugging trees.
  • A new year, an old challenge!
    February 9 2017
    With daily storms and heavy rain, the Dambwa release site has become a rally car driver’s dream!
  • Choosing Favorites
    January 4 2017
    With the new 2016 social dynamics chart complete, it is obvious that some members of the Dambwa pride in Zambia are not shy about picking favorites.
  • The King, the Queen, and the Prince
    December 19 2016
    With two dominant parents, RS2 is beginning to gain his own status within the Dambwa pride.
  • A Tale of Two Brothers
    November 30 2016
    As 2016 nears its end, ALERT’s research team has been watching the increasingly strong bond between brothers LE1 and LE3.
  • Respect
    November 16 2016
    RS1 proves to the rest of the Dambwa pride that size isn't everything when it comes to gaining a little respect.
  • Following Kwandi’s Lead
    October 24 2016
    It was a case of 'Follow my Leader' for Kwandi from the rest of the Dambwa pride recently, and she did not appear to mind one bit.
  • Daddy’s Boys
    October 10 2016
    Changes in the dynamics between Zulu and his three sons continue to provide interesting insights into pride life in Dambwa.
  • Sniffing in the Wrong Direction
    September 1 2016
    There were two distinct camps within the Dambwa pride recently, when the LE sub-adults decided to spend the day with their favourite auntie.
  • A Question of Character
    August 16 2016
    Statistical analysis of recent research to assess distinct character traits within the Dambwa pride is expected to show that individual lions have differing reactions to various animal calls.
  • The day Zulu woke up on the wrong side of the grass
    August 2 2016
    With the head of the pride in a grumpy mood, the Dambwa lions were keen to keep their distance. But for new 'favourite' Leya, that wasn't to be an option.
  • Gossip in the Dambwa Forest
    July 26 2016
    There have been a few changes in who is 'friends' with who within the Dambwa pride lately.
  • In the thicket of it
    June 28 2016
    Three of the Dambwa release pride females have had a date with the vet this month.
  • Something in the Air
    June 14 2016
    We'll never know what it was, but something in the air certainly caught the attention of our Dambwa pride members the other day.
  • Lost and Found
    May 26 2016
    With only 11 lions to be seen, our research team knew that one female from the Dambwa pride was keeping a low profile.
  • Lights, Camera, ACTION!
    May 12 2016
    Scavenge opportunities have provided the BBC’s Natural History Unit with footage to show how the Dambwa pride interact when there’s food around - proving that RS2 is prepared to hold his ground against Zulu when he has to.
  • Find the Pride
    April 27 2016
    While the RS sub-adults were full of life, the rest of the Dambwa pride made spotting them no easy task for our research team recently.
  • Getting a Move On
    April 18 2016
    As the temperatures begin to cool down after the rainy season, and now with winter on its way, the Dambwa pride has started to become more active.
  • The One True King of Dambwa
    March 29 2016
    Zulu rules Dambwa, with relations thawing with the prince
  • Bringing Out the Inner Cub
    February 22 2016
    Kela has been embracing her inner cub, much to the interest of the curious LE3.
  • Lion vs Bitis arietans!
    February 9 2016
    An unexpected visitor in Dambwa has taught RS1 a lesson she won't forget in a hurry.
  • Hidden in plain sight
    January 29 2016
    It's not always just the research team who have trouble locating lions in our Dambwa release pride.
  • Caught in the Trees
    January 14 2016
    LE1 has been discovering that what goes up, can sometimes struggle to come back down again.
  • An Early Christmas Present in Dambwa
    January 5 2016
    On Christmas Eve, the Dambwa research team discovered that RS1 had found herself an unusual Christmas present and wasn't about to share it.
  • The Dambwa Pride React to a New Intrusion
    December 7 2015
    Despite their fearsome reputation, lions are naturally cautious creatures, and deal with anything novel in their territory carefully.
  • A Mark of Independence
    November 19 2015
    It was the 9th of November when the research team first noticed a new phenomenon within the Dambwa Pride.
  • Wondering Where the Lions Are
    November 4 2015
    On the 20thof October the research team arrived into the Dambwa lion release site on a crisp morning. The lions had recently been given a scavenging opportunity, meaning they could be hiding in the thickets trying to sleep off their meal.
  • Sleepless in Dambwa
    October 9 2015
    On the 2nd of October it seemed to be one of those days that could be a lazy one. The lions were in Kariba lounging under a couple of trees; squeezing into any possible shade available.
  • Dambwa Blog: 18 September 2015
    September 21 2015
    Sunday 13th of September saw Leya, and the young LEs, in Sahara finishing off what remained of a scavenge provided for the pride the previous day.
  • Dambwa Blog: September
    September 14 2015
    After many weeks of increasingly stifling weather conditions and very little movement from the pride, conditions finally broke on the 4th of September with overcast skies and cooler temperatures; perfect lion watching conditions.
  • Zulu Gets A Spanking
    August 24 2015
    It’s been a pretty eventful time in Dambwa, once again with the RS sub-adults bearing the brunt of some of these events.
  • A Meal in the Air
    August 17 2015
    We initially found RS1 and RS3 in the company of Kwandi and Loma on the morning of the 25th of July. Radio collar signals suggested the rest of the pride were close by, but out of sight. RS1 soon spotted something, which turned out to be her brother,
  • Tense times as the Dambwa cubs are becoming sub-adults
    July 28 2015
    On the 14th of July we found some of the lions ambling across Kariba, initially in a sub-grouping of Loma, Rusha, Kela, RS1, RS3 and Zulu. Within a few minutes we could hear another lion to our North West roaring – which immediately set Loma and Ru
  • Winter Lion Watch
    July 14 2015
    If ever there was a time for lion watching, winter is it.
  • Winter Antics in Dambwa
    June 26 2015
    It may be a slight exaggeration to say that winter’s arrival has totally transformed the Dambwa pride; however, there certainly have been some interesting developments in Dambwa that have helped the research team wave goodbye to the long, slow summ
  • A change in season
    May 28 2015
    Over the last few weeks the first signs of winter have slowly, but surely, started to creep into the release site. With the mornings becoming increasingly cooler, we have started to observe a slight shift and increase in liveliness in the pride. Neve
  • A boy of many guises
    May 14 2015
    As one of the youngest cubs in the pride, LE3 is already noted as quite a master of reinvention and, in his mere 15-month life-span, he has sifted through quite a couple of different guises.
  • Zulu - from Nervous Cub to Leader of Dambwa
    May 7 2015
    Zulu began his journey as a nervous cub that was, as some would say, afraid of his own shadow. It may have been difficult then to picture this little ball of fur as the mighty leader of the Dambwa release pride.
  • Meet Kela
    May 7 2015
    With her charismatic nature fulfilling such an integral role within the group, there was never any doubt that Kela would form part of the Dambwa pride. It was in August 2011 that, along with her sister Kwandi, and her half-sisters, Rusha, Leya and Lo
  • Tension between the Dambwa Males
    April 23 2015
    The evolving relationship between Zulu and RS2 has been a dominant factor in Dambwa for the last few months; this has become particularly prominent towards the end of March into early April. RS2 is now approaching 22 months old, which is still a litt
  • Dambwa: Awaiting an Ambush
    April 17 2015
    On the 28th February, we found the pride in two groups, this was very exciting as this does not often happen. It was also rather useful, as the first group we came across was completely hidden from view. We first encountered Zulu, Kela and Rusha –
  • Dambwa Cubs Finding Their Feet
    March 6 2015
    While all of the cubs are still developing their roles within the pride, LE1’s position has been very obvious for a long time now- thanks to his mother’s affections.
  • Growing up isn't always fun for the Dambwa cubs
    February 18 2015
    On 12th February, the lions had made life a little easier for us than they had the previous week and selected an area of relatively short and flattened grass in which to congregate first thing that morning. This allowed us the first decent-ish view o
  • Zulu Throws a Tantrum
    February 9 2015
    The following day everyone had shifted to Puku Dambo. Even though they were no longer in the bushes, the tall grass made it just as difficult to ID individuals and discern exactly what was going on when they did interact. One individual who is of cou
  • Calm before the storm
    January 2 2015
    An update from the Dambwa Release Site.
  • Cooling tempers
    December 13 2014
    The rains arrive just in time to Dambwa to cool some frayed tempers
  • Whether the weather be fine or not
    November 27 2014
    ... the pride seems to have a fondness for Pan 2
  • Temi removed from Dambwa pride
    November 11 2014
    Recently we have had to take the necessary step of removing the lioness Temi from the Dambwa release site
  • Don't go near the water...
    October 23 2014
    RS3 has a terrible experience when she learns what lurks beneath
  • Kela and Rusha lead the way
    October 9 2014
    Despite not being the pride's most prolific hunters, it's Kela and Rusha who kick-start a heat-stroked pride into action
  • A month to remember
    August 28 2014
    An important milestone rounds out a busy month in Dambwa
  • An education for the RS cubs
    July 29 2014
    The RS cubs are starting to practice what aunt Temi showed them
  • A fresh start
    July 1 2014
    The Dambwa pride pulls together
  • From calm to chaos
    June 17 2014
    After a sedate start to the month things start heating up in Dambwa
  • No rest for the wicked
    May 20 2014
    Despite their best efforts the Dambwa pride are afforded no peace
  • Latest footage from Dambwa
    April 22 2014
    Enjoy the latest film of interactions within the Dambwa pride
  • Fighting back
    April 14 2014
    The young LE cubs show the RSs they may be small but they're no pushovers
  • When the two litters of cubs met
    March 16 2014
    Rusha's cubs get to know their new playmates
  • Lucky number 13
    March 12 2014
    It might be unlucky for some, but 13 is definitely Dambwa's winning number
  • Nice tush, Temi
    March 2 2014
    Temi's rear end leads the way
  • If at first you don't succeed...
    February 2 2014
    Perseverance pays off in Dambwa
  • Going green
    January 24 2014
    The annual change in underway in Dambwa
  • Is someone having a bad day?
    January 10 2014
    Perhaps Tuesday isn't his favourite day of the week... whatever the reason, the cubs need to learn when to give Zulu a wide berth!
  • Zulu's sky high
    December 31 2013
    The arrival of the rains mean Dambwa's pride male gets to indulge in a favoured past time
  • Don't tell mum the babysitter's... asleep
    December 11 2013
    An unenthusiastic Kela is left sitting Rusha's babies...
  • A new technique
    December 3 2013
    Kela experiments with a novel approach to catching zebra
  • Last orders!
    November 20 2013
    The bar is about to close for RS1, 2 and 3
  • RS3 gets some tips
    November 14 2013
    At four months old, RS3 is already showing interest in how to go about catching dinner...
  • The RS cubs flourish
    November 8 2013
    It's a time of uncertainty in Dambwa, but Rusha's cubs go from strength to strength
  • A sprinkling of rain gets the pride moving
    October 18 2013
    A light shower triggers brings a bit of action to Dambwa
  • The elusive Kela
    October 11 2013
    It's been a long few weeks of waiting in Dambwa...
  • Fourteen weeks in the making
    September 26 2013
    If like us you can't get enough of the Dambwa cubs, here's a round-up of their story so far...
  • Rusha and Zulu get to grips with parenthood
    September 25 2013
    With their cubs integrated into the pride, Rusha and Zulu's bundles of joy overwhelm the Dambwa pride
  • What goes up has difficulty coming back down
    September 5 2013
    Zulu joins the roll call of lions shamed by vegetation
  • Joining the pride
    August 21 2013
    After several weeks spent hidden away, Rusha's cubs are now making their presence known
  • And then there were 10
    July 28 2013
    The population in Dambwa grows...
  • A time of change
    July 27 2013
    Things are changing in Dambwa - and the pride are learning to adapt to the new conditions of pride life
  • Mother Rusha
    June 30 2013
    Indications suggest that Zulu has fulfilled his role as leader of the pride
  • A fiery start to June gets Zulu's passions burning
    June 20 2013
    The pride's male isn't letting one of his girls out of his sight
  • Puku beware...
    May 26 2013
    The pride have the puku in their sights
  • On the march
    May 13 2013
    As winter approaches the pride suddenly find a little energy
  • Rowing with the neighbours
    April 12 2013
    The Dambwa pride have a few things they'd like to sat
  • The scavenger gets scavenged
    April 6 2013
    An uninvited dinner guest probably wishes he'd dined elsewhere...
  • Fight club
    March 14 2013
    Tempers flare in Dambwa
  • Hi... Remeber us?
    March 1 2013
    A catch up with the Dambwa pride
  • Rain, rain go away...
    January 2 2013
    And it does for New Year's Eve in Dambwa
  • Zulu - the mighty klutz
    December 17 2012
    There's a reason the girls do the hunting!
  • Happy Anniversary Big Man!
    December 11 2012
    Zulu reaches his one year anniversary with the Dambwa pride
  • A little water never hurt anyone
    November 29 2012
    The rainy season is here and reviving the Dambwa pride, and the site
  • Kwandi shows her mettle
    October 25 2012
    The pride's boldest member leads the way
  • Undercover
    October 22 2012
    A little respite in the hot weather sends the lions into hiding
  • A heated encounter
    October 8 2012
    As temperatures rise, Leya gets a little flustered...
  • The quiet before the storm
    October 2 2012
    After a peaceful week in Dambwa the pride get a rude awakening
  • VIDEO: Dambwa's courting couple
    September 25 2012
    Three short clips of the social life within the Dambwa pride as Zulu and Kela begin their mating ritual
  • New territory for the Dambwa pride
    September 24 2012
    The young pride batten down the hatches and endure the social turmoil of a courting couple for the first time...
  • Food fight
    September 12 2012
    A hearty meal for the Dambwa pride leads to some rather bad table manners
  • A missed opportunity…
    August 28 2012
    The females of the Dambwa pride celebrate their one year anniversary in the only way a lion can. But in all that excitement an opportunity slips through their paws.
  • VIDEO: Dambwa Pride (August)
    August 20 2012
    Two films from within the Dambwa release site
  • There’s something about Kela
    August 20 2012
    Zulu tries his luck...
  • Is Zulu losing his touch?
    August 11 2012
    Has the big lad's vulture following skills left him? If so, Temi seems prepared to pick up the baton.
  • DDDDDD-Dambwa
    August 3 2012
    It’s been a bit of a funny old week in Dambwa...
  • Growing pains: The making of a pride male
    July 27 2012
    With adulthood, comes new responsibilities and with this, the introduction of a new repertoire of behaviours
  • Never say no to a freebie
    July 17 2012
    The Dambwa pride follow the vultures to a free meal, giving our team a chance to observe the developing dynamics of the pride
  • Vacancy: Dambwa pride seek new secretary
    July 16 2012
    The Dambwa pride encounter a new species
  • Loma takes a playful break from a walk
    July 1 2012
    The Dambwa pride take a march through the release site, but take a break for a playful moment
  • What’s that smell?
    June 25 2012
    A tell-tale stink from the Dambwa pride hint at their recent activities
  • Is that a bird? Is it a plane? NO, ITS A LION !!??!
    June 18 2012
    Zulu leaps from above resulting in Kwandi's face and the ground coming into a quick and inevitable conflict
  • Tracking the pride
    June 16 2012
    Evidence suggests the pride are motoring around on their own
  • VIDEO: A Dambwa Roar
    June 12 2012
    The Dambwa pride come together for a rousing chorus
  • Zulu brings home the bacon
    June 9 2012
    The pride male stops birdwatching long enough to provide for his family.
  • VIDEO: Dambwa Pride
    June 9 2012
    Three films inside the Dambwa release site
  • Water is the spice of life
    June 2 2012
    The Dambwa pride squabble over the fresh water
  • A rousing start to the morning
    June 1 2012
    A roar rings out across Dambwa which starts a rousing chorus from the pride
  • Visibility
    May 28 2012
    As the Dambwa pride move through their newly burnt release site, improved visuals are available to our research team
  • How about we all just meet at Waterpan 3?
    May 26 2012
    The Dambwa pride females celebrate 9 months of release into stage two
  • Fire, quills and noses
    May 22 2012
    The Dambwa pride members get a painful life lesson
  • Rusha's rise
    May 15 2012
    One of the youngest females in the pride continues her dominant rise
  • Kela senses something in the grass
    April 18 2012
    Temi and Zulu watch as Kela creeps off after .... who knows?
  • Winter is coming to Dambwa
    April 6 2012
    With the mornings becoming chillier we anticipate a more active pride
  • Sibling rivalry?
    April 1 2012
    Kela and Kwandi vie to be close to pride male Zulu
  • Going round in circles
    March 27 2012
    Temi & Rusha take the helm of a Dambwa pride march
  • Life in a pioneering lion pride: Dambwa
    March 17 2012
    A blog that brings you the story of life in the Dambwa release pride

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