Ngamo release pride
  • Milo shows he is still the boss
    October 23 2018
    Summer has made Ngamo's lions lazy, except when it comes to a scavenge feed.
  • Survival of the Luckiest
    July 23 2018
    An unexpected visitor has been giving the Ngamo pride the runaround this month.
  • Fat Cats
    May 18 2018
    There was a case of mistaken identity in the Ngamo release site recently.
  • Search and Rescue
    April 3 2018
    A recent research session turned into a rescue operation in the Ngamo release site.
  • Prime Time
    February 27 2018
    For AS5, playtime has given way to time spent on more 'grown-up' territorial behaviour.
  • Busy Doing Nothing
    February 8 2018
    Soaring temperatures in the Ngamo release site have meant long lazy days for the pride.
  • While the Cat is Away
    November 20 2017
    Sisters KE3 and KE4 take advantage of AS5's absence to indulge a spot of play.
  • Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!
    November 6 2017
    When faced with the heat of the midday sun, dignity is the last thing on a lion’s mind.
  • Four Seasons in One Day
    October 19 2017
    Changing temperatures this month have kept everyone in the Ngamo release site on their toes, not least the lions.
  • The Times They Are a-Changing
    October 5 2017
    While the lucky bean tree is in full bloom in the Ngamo release site, relationships between pride members seem to be blossoming too.
  • Dead Giveaway
    September 19 2017
    The Ngamo pride have had a little help with locating a meal this month.
  • Bad Luck, Kenge
    September 7 2017
    A tug-of-war with pride male Milo left Kenge empty-mouthed recently.
  • In Case of Fire
    August 21 2017
    While AS5 reacted with caution, controlled burning in the Ngamo release site proved to be no great novelty for Milo.
  • Paw Patrol
    August 1 2017
    The Ngamo pride have kept ALERT's research team busy lately exploring lesser-visited areas of the release site.
  • The Day of the Jackal
    July 19 2017
    While the Ngamo pride were busy resting, ALERT's research team were treated to the sight of two unusual visitors.
  • Father’s Day, Feathers and Foliage
    July 3 2017
    While Milo celebrates Father’s Day with a bonding session with his boy, elsewhere in the Ngamo release site, feathers are ruffled and play is the name of the game.
  • The A-Team
    June 19 2017
    The research team are all smiles, as a territorial playback in the Ngamo release site proves to be a huge success.
  • All For One, But Not Always One For All
    June 8 2017
    When it comes to mealtimes, life is not always fair as a member of the Ngamo pride.
  • Let’s Catch Up
    May 3 2017
    It’s been a while since we last reported on the goings on of the Ngamo pride, and there have been quite a few changes in the release site...
  • Giving Ngamo’s Researchers the Run-Around
    January 18 2017
    As the rainy season in Zimbabwe continues, the roads in the Ngamo release make keeping up with the pride harder for our researchers.
  • The rains bring new life and new friendships to Ngamo
    December 12 2016
    As the bond between Milo and AS5 continues grow, AS4 is turning to her female siblings for friendship, much to the delight of our research team.
  • What a Carrion
    August 18 2016
    The presence of crows led our research team to the site of an impala kill recently. But that was just the beginning of the Ngamo pride's quest for food.
  • Making Scents Of It All
    August 8 2016
    Our research team in Ngamo has been observing the pride's reactions to some familiar - and not so familiar - scents.
  • Follow Me
    July 25 2016
    While Ashanti may be more dominant within the pride, trusting low-ranking Kwali's instincts would have paid off during a recent scavenge opportunity.
  • B is for Boldness, Brains and Braun
    July 8 2016
    As a member of the Ngamo pride, being bold isn't always the best option - sometimes brains are what’s needed to avoid potential danger.
  • A Surprise and a Goodbye
    June 15 2016
    While Nala surprises our research team by giving AS5 the run-around, it's time to say a last goodbye to sister Narnia.
  • Keep Away From Phyre
    May 27 2016
    AS4 and AS5 discover that playing with Phyre can be a dangerous game.
  • The Mane Thing About AS5
    May 13 2016
    While AS4 shows signs of warming to her half-sisters, Ngamo pride sibling AS5 is looking more and more like his father every day.
  • Big Mistake. Huge!
    May 3 2016
    Nala finds out the hard way that keeping meat to herself means keeping a low profile.
  • Fooled You!
    April 15 2016
    The Ngamo pride used April Fool’s Day as an opportunity to give our research team the run-around.
  • A Couple of Tree Huggers
    April 1 2016
    ‘Milo’s tree’ is still appealing; and to more than just one member of the pride
  • It Never Rains, But It Paws
    March 21 2016
    Rainy days in Ngamo prove that Milo doesn't like to get his paws wet.
  • Predictably Unpredictable
    March 7 2016
    Our researcher team was left red-faced when the Ngamo pride were a 'no-show'.
  • 2 To The Power Of 1
    February 21 2016
    It's an eventful time in the Ngamo pride, as KE3 indulges in some 'fowl play' and AS5 demonstrates his growing maturity.
  • The Kwali Strategy
    December 14 2015
    Kwali is an excellent hunter, but also a great scavenger; often being one of the first lions to catch the tantalizing scent of an opportunity to find food.
  • Ngamo Pride still a tightly knitted social group
    November 26 2015
    Temperatures for the Ngamo pride soared during early November. Whilst this might not give us the most exciting research opportunities ever witnessed, as the lions predominantly seek shade and sleep, it has given the team a good opportunity to see th
  • Kwali Nose Best
    November 4 2015
    Being a lower ranking member of the Ngamo pride can often mean that your comings and goings to the group can go unnoticed by your pride mates.
  • You Snooze, You Lose
    October 14 2015
    As the saying goes, if you spend most of your time snoozing the more likely you are to miss out on opportunities, and that is exactly what happened in Ngamo on the 4th of October.
  • Lonely Boy
    October 7 2015
    On the morning of the 12th of September the Ngamo research team located Milo, Kenge, Nala, KE4 and AS4 in ‘Serengeti East’ finishing off the remains of a recent meal.
  • Something’s Got Milo All Phyre’d Up
    September 14 2015
    Over the past couple of weeks the pride have been doing what lions do best and spending a lot of their time resting in some of their favoured spots in Ngamo. Nevertheless, for the research team, the time spent observing the lions never fails to reve
  • Lions and Steenbok and Birds, Oh My!
    August 11 2015
    As lions are known to rest for anything up to 21 hours a day, conserving their energy for hunting when it is needed most, the days in Ngamo can often pass by with very little activity from the pride. Recently however, the research team have seen the
  • Mist Opportunities
    July 21 2015
    It was a little before 8am when something caught the attention of KE3 and she was soon up on her paws and heading off to investigate.
  • Your Mum Called
    June 22 2015
    The following morning the team entered the site to find Ashanti in hot pursuit of KE3 through Amboseli. The rest of the pride seemed interested in the disruption and they hastily followed on behind. The position of the lions prevented the team from
  • Milo, A Male Worth Falling For
    June 11 2015
    Now, you may say we are a little biased but if there is any male in Ngamo worth falling for then it has to be the good-looking, magnificently maned lion named Milo.
  • Blood isn't always thicker than water
    May 28 2015
    As the research team arrived into Ngamo on the morning of 16th May they were met by Kenge, Ke4 and At1 who were travelling along the boundary in Masai Mara. Meanwhile Phyre and Milo trailed behind in the distance, wandering through Amboseli. Once t
  • Top Kwality Tactics
    May 22 2015
    Often, as it is with most wild prides, low-ranking females (such as Kwali and Nala) find difficulty in gaining access to food, often being displaced by their higher-ranking counterparts. This has been evident in the Ngamo pride on numerous occasionsT
  • Meet Phyre, The Ngamo Pride Alpha-Female
    March 26 2015
    It is amazing to see where having good social skills can take you. In Phyre’s case, it has helped this friendly lioness climb to the top of the dominance ladder in the Ngamo Release Site.
  • Mad March
    March 12 2015
    The morning of the 10th was overcast, with the sun only breaking through the cloud on occasion. Once again we came across the pride in Camp; they lay scattered across the area seeking out the brief opportunities to bask in the intermittent sunshine;
  • Eat, Sleep, Repeat
    February 26 2015
    Over the past two weeks the Ngamo pride has spent their time doing exactly what cats do best; eat, sleep and then repeat again.
  • Big Brother
    February 13 2015
    AS5 gets up to all kinds of mischief in the Ngamo release site
  • Lion!
    February 3 2015
    Over the past couple of weeks the release site has begun to show the benefit of the rains and has been transformed from the patchy, sandy coloured, dry scrub to lush green grassland.
  • Giving The Game Away
    January 17 2015
    It is often said that male lions do not tend to do a great deal of hunting but this is not necessarily always the case.The research team eagerly awaited Milo’s next move and after a few moments of watching the impala
  • Ngamo Update - Snatch!
    January 8 2015
    Suddenly, a ‘bleating’ noise was heard from within the shrubs and KE4 spun around quickly, vigilant to the unmistakable sound of an animal in distress.
  • Who Let the Dogs Out?
    January 1 2015
    The first time the Ngamo pride hear the sound of wild dogs. How did they react?
  • Ngamo Update - I am sure that I forgot something
    December 19 2014
    An update and summary of observations from the Ngamo Release Site.
  • The Circle of Life
    December 15 2014
    Life and death are an integral part of life in Africa's wild places.
  • Sorry Sir a Lion Ate My Homework
    December 7 2014
    If ever there was an award-winning excuse for not handing in your fieldwork then this is it.
  • The Chase
    November 30 2014
    KE3 is found looking nervous. The cause is soon discovered.
  • The Pride Adjust to Changing Conditions
    November 27 2014
    As the seasons change the Ngamo pride adjusts to the prevailing conditions
  • Rain Stops Play Or Not
    November 19 2014
    The first storms of the season soak Ngamo, but the lions are unfazed and engage in play time.
  • Spur of the moment
    November 9 2014
    The past week or so in Ngamo has been dominated by, well, dominance.
  • Favours or Fiesty
    October 31 2014
    AS4 makes a kill, but there are other eyes interested in her prize.
  • Whatever the weather
    October 23 2014
    The Ngamo pride deal with the elements in their own way
  • Impala 2 Lions 0
    October 12 2014
    AT1 and Nala are out for a meal, yet both are outsmarted by the impala of Ngamo.
  • Silence of the Impala
    August 22 2014
    The Ngamo pride gorge themselves on impala
  • Up in the trees
    August 16 2014
    AS4 retreats to the trees to avoid her brother's playful intentions
  • Back and Forth
    August 3 2014
    The research team are bewildered by the comings and goings of the Ngamo pride
  • Early Morning Pursuit
    July 28 2014
    Nala flattened herself against the ground, still as a log and not blinking...
  • Huddling Against Winter
    July 21 2014
    July is the month of freezing mornings and mild days, and it takes an effect on everyone, even the lions.
  • Posing and Practising
    June 30 2014
    AS4 gets in some impala hunting practise whilst her siblings pose for photos
  • Sibling Bonding
    June 19 2014
    The Ngamo sub-adults have been particularly frisky this week
  • Hop, skip and a mongoose
    June 7 2014
    AS4 takes on a tricky critter whilst KE3 engages dad in a play bout.
  • Time with Dad
    May 30 2014
    AS5 enjoys some bonding time with his father, Milo, but takes it too far.
  • An Act of Pride Rock
    May 22 2014
    The sub-adults in the pride take turns in recreating some Lion King moments
  • A Swift Take Down
    May 4 2014
    AT1 takes steps to provide a meal for the pride
  • The Solo Job
    April 24 2014
    AT1 leaves the pride for some solo hunting
  • A Vanishing Act
    April 8 2014
    The Ngamo pride disappear in an instant; but what has prompted this vanishing act?
  • A Family Affair
    March 26 2014
    The AS family reunite after time apart
  • Silent but Deadly
    March 15 2014
    Nala makes a sneaky kill
  • Trying new things with fun along the way
    February 21 2014
    AS5 tries to get comfortable in Phyre's throne, whilst AT1 tries to catch the invisible
  • A game of cat and impala
    February 16 2014
    The Ngamo sub-adults continue their education with a game of chase with the local impala herds
  • A formidable sight
    January 28 2014
    AS5 gets intimidated by the Ngamo pride females
  • Just before closing time
    January 26 2014
    As the research team leave Ngamo for the day, an almighty ruckus is heard from within the site.
  • AT1 at Three
    January 20 2014
    The first born cub of the Ngamo pride turns three years old
  • A Prince at Christmas
    December 29 2013
    Ngamo's prince, AS5 has a typical Christmas of dinner, a little bit of social time and a nap to sleep it all off.
  • Some Father – Son time
    December 21 2013
    Milo and AS5 enjoy a male bonding session
  • The Ngamo Olympics
    December 15 2013
    The Ngamo pride are playin' in the rain
  • Impala, play dates and tree houses
    December 12 2013
    Who gets to play in Phyre's tree house?
  • The Great Impala Escape
    December 4 2013
    In a period of intense hunting, one impala makes a miraculous escape.
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    November 19 2013
    The Ngamo cubs keep practising their hunting skills. We also give an update on Narnia's condition.
  • Footage of AT1's impala hunt
    November 18 2013
    Watch Ngamo's first-born cub make an unassisted hunt
  • AT1 makes a successful solo hunt
    November 14 2013
    Ngamo's sub-adult continue to develop their hunting skills
  • When Dad Goes-a-Hunting
    November 7 2013
    Our research team are treated to an Ngamo phenomenon - a successful kill by pride male Milo
  • KE3's Zebra Kill Video
    November 1 2013
    KE3, with the help of aunt Kwali and sister KE4 subdue a zebra
  • Ngamo's sub-adults prove what they have learnt
    October 27 2013
    KE3 proves her hunting prowess
  • Looking for impala
    October 25 2013
    The Ngamo pride focus their attentions on the impala in the release site
  • Still her mother's daughter
    October 14 2013
    AS4 shows she is still very much her mother's daughter with a bit of social licking
  • Under summer rains
    October 2 2013
    The pride enjoy the relief from the heat brought by the early rain
  • Nala reaches out and AS5 grabs a peek
    September 22 2013
    Nala enjoys a good licking from alpha female Phyre whilst AS5 climbs high for a better view
  • In the shadow of cub hill
    September 17 2013
    The Ngamo cubs express their growing independence in the pride with a bit of dominance based play
  • Signs of independence
    September 1 2013
    As the Ngamo cubs become increasingly independent, KE4 is given a lesson in pride dynamics by her mother
  • Right time, right place
    August 22 2013
    Milo takes advantage of Kwali's hard work
  • Going solo
    August 21 2013
    Ashanti seeks solitude from the madding crowd
  • Seriously, just don't mess with her
    August 6 2013
    Know this, any lion that tries to get between Phyre and a meal had better beware
  • Defender of the pride
    July 26 2013
    Milo stands ready to protect the Ngamo pride
  • AT1 is on the prowl
    July 12 2013
    The vets pay a visit to Ngamo and AT1 joins the 'K' sisters to try for a stripy meal
  • Sleeping beauties become playful sprites
    July 4 2013
    The cubs play, Narnia makes progress and Phyre turns eight years old
  • Special Update: Narnia
    June 30 2013
    We would like to advise you of health problems for Narnia
  • Room for one more mouthful
    June 19 2013
    The Ngamo pride fill their tummies on zebra meat
  • When a cold wind blows
    May 20 2013
    AS4 & AS5 discover some bones to amuse them in a chilly Ngamo
  • AS4 creates a scuffle
    May 9 2013
    The youngest female of the pride shows once again that she is able to hold her own
  • Snuggling together for warmth
    April 26 2013
    The pride get closer as winter begins to grip Ngamo
  • Kenge & Kwali go in search of lunch
    April 17 2013
    The K sisters head off alone to find food for the pride
  • A reluctant stay at home dad
    March 28 2013
    Milo fails to shake off his baby-sitting duties
  • AS4 makes a risky decision
    March 22 2013
    The young female decides to surprise her dad
  • Running in Circles
    March 10 2013
    Nala keeps the cubs on the run, closely followed by her sister
  • Hunters and Gatherers
    March 6 2013
    The cubs learn an important lesson in sourcing food, and AS5 shows he is taking after dad
  • Family planning
    February 25 2013
    Ashanti, Kenge and AT1 are paid a visit from the vet
  • Love is in the air
    February 22 2013
    Milo and Narnia escape from the crowd
  • The Fab Four's away day
    February 20 2013
    The Ngamo cubs fly solo
  • Double kill at cub hill
    February 13 2013
    AS5 is a chip off the old block at meal times
  • Anyone seen Phyre? And later, has anyone seen anyone?
    January 30 2013
    The pride go in search of the alpha female before Ashanti loses sight of everyone
  • A coming of age story
    January 20 2013
    The first wild-borne cub in the lion release program is two years old today.
  • Roaring with Pride
    January 19 2013
    AT1's outburst fills our research team with pride
  • Now Milo, Share!
    January 16 2013
    As the beginning weeks of January unfold the weather has continued to be changeable and, with rain showers occurring most days, there has been an air of playfulness amongst the pride.
  • Hold Your Paws!
    January 11 2013
    AT1 is rapidly becoming an independent member of the Ngamo pride, but her hunting skills still need time to develop
  • Little Lion Man Lost
    December 31 2012
    Will AS5 find the rest of the pride in time for Christmas? KE3 meantime takes another step in her life as a lion.
  • Seasons Greetings
    December 25 2012
    ‘Tis the season to be..... social.
  • Narnia the Flirty Feline
    December 24 2012
    A mysterious watcher looks over Milo as he sleeps
  • Remains of the Day
    December 19 2012
    After a week of feasting, the Ngamo pride put on a show of unity for a classic pride photo
  • A Birthday Fit for a King
    December 13 2012
    We give you the inside scoop on this very royal occasion
  • All Phyre’d Up
    December 9 2012
    The alpha female continues to take a more active role in feeding faces of folk as the season of over-indulgence arrives in Ngamo
  • In the cold November rains
    November 30 2012
    As the grey skies of the rains take hold over Ngamo, even our pride male seeks out the warmth only family can bring
  • Milo, Watch Your Back!
    November 23 2012
    The pride male should keep an eye out behind him, his daughter is up to no good!
  • The Odd Couple
    November 16 2012
    Phyre and Kwali are becoming closer
  • A birthday bash ... or three
    November 12 2012
    A look at how the birthday girls and boy spent their special days
  • AS4 and AS5 are one
    November 4 2012
    A very happy birthday to the Ngamo pride's youngest cubs.
  • Look whose stalking
    October 31 2012
    Ashanti, Phyre and AT1 give us a perfect demonstration of what cats do best
  • Fowl play
    October 25 2012
    Ever since cats have been cats they have made catching birds a priority pastime.
  • Rainy days and Sundays
    October 19 2012
    A rainbow hangs over the Ngamo pride, and they discover that eleven lions under one small bush is never going to work.
  • Milo gives his son special treatment
    October 16 2012
    AS5 is allowed a second sitting, a privilege not given to other family members, but the result is a belly fit to burst.
  • Narnia & Milo stick together
    October 12 2012
    As a University of Utrecht student commences a study of territorial behaviour in the pride, Narnia & Milo seem to be forming a new relationship.
  • A double celebration
    October 9 2012
    As Kenge's cubs turn a year old,KE3 comes out of her shell
  • KE3 & KE4 are one
    October 4 2012
    Today we celebrate the one year birthday of two beautiful girls
  • Just Lion Around
    September 30 2012
    As the temperatures rise in Ngamo, so do the tempers
  • Rise to the occasion
    September 27 2012
    The pride, including the growing cubs, respond to a playback test.
  • AT1 leads the hunt
    September 19 2012
    The oldest cub in the pride leads her more experienced pride members into the hunt
  • Kwali drools over the possibility of a meal
    September 14 2012
    Whilst Kwali gets excited about the zebra, Narnia is on the receiving end of Milo's dominance
  • KE3 tries out her hunting chops
    September 11 2012
    AT1 and Narnia take over the hunt from KE3
  • Anyone fancy a dip?
    September 4 2012
    As the weather heats up in Ngamo, KE3 and KE4 make a splash
  • An anniversary meal - or three
    September 2 2012
    The pride's females mark two years since their release
  • Milo wakes up in a grumpy and possessive mood
    August 28 2012
    Whilst Milo protects the last remains of the most recent kill, the cubs climb every ant-hill to survey their home.
  • VIDEO: Pride life
    August 27 2012
    In two beautiful films we see the pride interacting around a waterhole. Recently fed, the podgy cubs still engage in play, also involving one of their aunts - Narnia. In another moment Phyre and Kenge have a little disagreement
  • VIDEO: The Ngamo pride on a kill
    August 26 2012
    A few films of the Ngamo pride interacting around kill sites
  • VIDEO: Milo roars and Narnia at a waterhole
    August 25 2012
    Milo stands over a kill and proclaims that it is his whilst Narnia takes a quiet sip from a waterhole
  • AS4 is quite prepared to fight for her right.
    August 22 2012
    The smallest member of the pride shows she is more than capable of looking after herself, and has the belly to prove it.
  • A silent and deadly force
    August 19 2012
    Kwali, under cover of darkness, makes a stealthy kill
  • Carnage!
    August 15 2012
    After a two week break from zebra for dinner the Ngamo pride mount a devastating charge against the species
  • AT1 goes solo
    August 10 2012
    The oldest cub of the Ngamo pride goes hunting alone
  • Ashanti denies her cubs
    August 7 2012
    Its weaning time for the youngest members of the Ngamo pride.
  • A classical response
    August 4 2012
    We continue our playback tests with the Ngamo pride
  • Hide and seek
    July 31 2012
    The Ngamo pride give our research team the run-around, although the smell of a kill gives them away
  • AS5 gets ready for the evening's entertainment
    July 29 2012
    The pride come together, the kids get their bath time, and AS5 tries to get his dad to rouse for the night ahead
  • Milo gets involved in the hunt
    July 27 2012
    Whilst the girl's use stealth to catch breakfast, their master takes a less tactical approach to hunting.
  • Red faced
    July 25 2012
    The pride engage in some stealthy hunts on the impala population of Ngamo
  • The changing face of AT1
    July 20 2012
    The eldest of the Ngamo cubs is 18 months old today - we take a chance to look back at her life so far.
  • What is instinct?
    July 17 2012
    How do the Ngamo react to the sounds of hyena nearby?
  • “It’s MY party and I’ll do what I want to!”
    July 9 2012
    Phyre celebrates her 7th birthday in dominant style
  • When a lion spooned a zebra
    July 3 2012
    Milo gets cosy with his prey, hugging it like a teddy bear.
  • Duiker Dinner
    June 28 2012
    Kenge snatches a snack and reluctantly shares the spoils with the cubs
  • Big paws to fill
    June 21 2012
    We took a moment in Ngamo to admire the paternal side of Milo
  • Yoga tips by AS4
    June 13 2012
    We’ve already learnt vital hunting techniques from Ngamo’s smallest lioness, now here are a few yoga positions to try out.
  • The wild realities of AT1
    June 11 2012
    AT1 is developing well as a naturally born and raised lioness
  • Jubilant times for the pride
    June 5 2012
    While many of our UK followers have been enjoying hordes of scones, strawberries and cucumber sandwiches this week the Ngamo pride have enjoyed a more African dish
  • Ambush at the waterholes
    June 1 2012
    As the dry season beds in, the Ngamo site's waterholes are becoming a dangerous place if you are a zebra
  • Face-off
    May 23 2012
    The one where AT1 faces off against a spitting cobra
  • VIDEO: Milo and the cubs feeding
    May 17 2012
    Milo allows his four youngest cubs to join him at the dinner table: a feast of zebra fit for a king
  • A bad omen on the wind
    May 17 2012
    The pride's cubs are experiencing new things everyday; this time a devil arrives on the wind
  • VIDEO: AS4 gets in some hunting practice
    May 16 2012
    One of the youngest members of the Ngamo pride practices the skills that she will need to survive when she is released into the wild.
  • VIDEO: Family Portrait
    May 16 2012
    Milo (dad), Ashanti (aunt) chill out with cubs KE3 & KE4
  • Loss of Privileges
    May 14 2012
    Growing pains for AT1: the Ngamo pride's eldest cub is ageing out of the special dispensation offered to cubs in pride life.
  • The prince and the frog
    May 9 2012
    The young lad, AS5 learns an important life lesson from an amphibian neighbour
  • Techniques in hunting, by AS4
    May 7 2012
    Ngamo: an early learning centre for the cubs
  • VIDEO: Milo
    May 1 2012
    Milo has a good roar
  • Video: Milo returns to the pride
    April 30 2012
    After a time away, Milo returns to the Ngamo pride females.
  • Video: The Ngamo cubs at play
    April 30 2012
    The Ngamo cubs and lionesses engage in some play bouts
  • Video: Just don't wake dad
    April 30 2012
    One of the youngsters makes a bad decision
  • Zebra take-away
    April 27 2012
    A magical light descends upon Ngamo, with a regal Milo seen standing in the middle of it
  • Its all about territory
    April 21 2012
    The Ngamo pride undergo some research into their territorial behaviours
  • The one with AT1 and the zebra
    April 18 2012
    Kwali and AT1 share the spoils of their handiwork
  • Everybody wants to be a cat
    April 15 2012
    The Ngamo pride engage in their favourite activities
  • A bad week to be a wildebeest
    April 6 2012
    The Ngamo pride make a very definite menu choice
  • AT1 gives it her all
    April 2 2012
    Our oldest cub is putting into practice what she has learnt from her elders
  • Hey, what are those round, golden blobs?
    March 28 2012
    The Ngamo pride decide its a zebra based feeding schedule this week and eat themselves into submission.
  • The lions get the wind in their tails
    March 23 2012
    When a storm begins to brew the Ngamo pride get active
  • Life in a pioneering lion pride: Ngamo
    March 17 2012
    A blog that brings you the story of life in the Ngamo release pride

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