ALERT Communities Trust (ACT)

Since 1950 the human population of Africa has increased from 221 million to nearly one billion. This increase is one of the leading factors contributing to the decline of the African lion. As the continent’s human population continues to grow the amount of suitable habitat for lions is decreasing at an alarming rate as more and more land is converted to other uses.

The result for lions is isolation in fragmented and fragile ecosystems that are under constant pressure, with little motivation for government or rural communities to work towards long term solutions.  

ACT works towards generating the motivation and means for all stakeholders towards responsible development where natural resources are seen as vital to both short and long term social and economic development.

To try and fulfil this remit ACT projects are focussed on empowerment and benefit sharing, human / wildlife conflict issues, education and health programs for communities living alongside Africa’s wildlife.

Only when the African people are able to accrue the benefits of sound wildlife management will the motivation for such be generated, producing the long term solutions that are so greatly needed.