Conservation Centre for Wild Africa (CCWA)

Our ethos is based around the concept of holistic solutions to the issues facing Africa’s wildlife.  Simply focusing on the conservation of one species without taking into account how that species interacts with the whole ecosystem will likely result in failure.  

As such, the Conservation Centre for Wild Africa (CCWA) is a division of ALERT that extends our efforts beyond lion specific conservation.  CCWA focuses on the wider environment and the diversity of fauna and flora that exist alongside lions in an intricate web of life. 

Every ecosystem thrives as a result of a delicate balance of all the life within it.  If that balance is upset, be it a dramatic depletion of a food source, a loss of apex predators, or severe overgrowth of a particular plant species, catastrophic consequences can result.  With natural ecosystems coming under increasing and intense pressure these balances are being disturbed, and it is our collective responsibility to try and ensure proper ecosystem function is maintained or, where necessary, restored.  

CCWA concentrates on the following approaches:

  • Monitoring of ecosystem function
  • Understanding behaviour of species
  • Protection of habitat
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Monitoring disease and population health
  • Influencing policy and regulation

In short, ALERT is looking for a solution to Africa’s lion problem, CCWA is tasked with ensuring that there is a healthy environment for them to live in.