When you think of a lion, does the word vulnerable spring to mind? Because that is exactly how the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) classifies them.  It is estimated that we have lost 80 - 90% of Africa's lion population since 1975.  We need your help to ensure the survival of the African lion before vulnerable turns into endangered. By sponsoring a lion you will be taking direct action to help secure and restore lion populations across Africa.

For your generous support you will receive:

• A copy of Panthera leo: a species account by email detailing a wealth of facts about lions;
• Online access to your sponsors area;
• Exclusive content available to sponsors only;
• Priority booking to any ALERT events;
• The knowledge that you are part of the ongoing solution.

OPTION ONE - ADOPT LIONS IN STAGE ONE LION - Adoption of the lions within stage one of the African Lion Rehabilitation & Release into the Wild Program. This includes the adult lions at the breeding program and the cubs up to two and a half years old that are undertaking daily walks, day and night encounters.  

Adopt a Lion in Stage One

OPTION TWO - ADOPT A RELEASED LION - Adoption of specific lions already released into stage two of the African Lion Rehabilitation & Release into the Wild Program.  

adopt a lion in stage two

Lions currently in release areas and available to adopt - (N) = Ngamo pride, (D) = Dambwa pride.

Adopt Milo  adopt a lion Ashanti  Adopt a Lion Phyre  Adopt a lion kela
adopt a lion loma  adopt a lion Nala  adopt a lion kwandi  adopt a lion leya
adopt a lion rusha  adopt a lion zulu  adopt a lion kwali  Adopt a lion Kenge  


To purchase your sponsorship select an option number below and your currency. If you are selecting option two you will then be asked to advise us which lion/s you wish to adopt;

For alternative payment options please contact us at


If you are adopting a lion as a gift for someone please also send an email to to let us know the gift recipient’s full name, correspondence email address, the date on which you would like their sponsorship to start and the purpose of the gift (e.g. birthday).  You also need to let us know how many months you will sponsor the lion for.  Once that time period is over we will contact the gift recipient to find out whether they would like to continue their sponsorship at their own cost.

We would ask you to read and agree to the terms and conditions below before sponsoring a lion:

• There will be more than one person sponsoring each lion/s.
• Sponsorship does not entitle the donor to any rights of ownership or decision making over the future of the sponsored lion/s.
• ALERT uses sponsorship money to go to the general use of ALERT to further all of its projects and not necessarily towards the individual lion/s sponsored.

• If your sponsored lion dies or has to be put down at the recommendation of the project's vets, then you will be offered the option to cancel your sponsorship or to select another lion.  No refunds due on sponsorship paid.