Fundraising for ALERT

If you would like to raise funds for ALERT then take a look at these options on how you can help.  If you need advice just drop us an email.  The options include:

  • Create your own fundraising page
  • Give as you Sell on eBay
  • Do a sponsored parachute jump
  • Recycle your unwanted mobile phones
  • Give as you Live just by shopping online
  • Give as you Search the internet
  • Make your own collection box
  • Hold a raffle, lottery, bingo or competition


People in the past have run, climbed, baked, jumped, partied, and held all sorts of other events.  If you have an idea you can set up a fundraising page to promote the event and collect donations.  These online systems not only take the hassle of dealing with donations out of your hands, but ensure that donors can give tax effectively.  The success of your fundraising page is directly related to how much effort you put into promoting it, so once set up, make sure you let all your friends and family know about it.

Click here to set up a fundraising page for ALERT UK

Click here to set up a fundraising page for ALERT USA

If you would like to discuss your ideas with us, or need ideas of how you can raise funds for us, just contact us for a chat.

We have also produced a help brochure to assist you with your fundraising.  Download it here.


Earn a bit.  Give a bit.  Everyone benefits!  ALERT has linked up with, the charity arm of the web market-place phenomenon eBay in the UK, and with eBay Giving Works in the US. When posting an item for sale on eBay, you have the option of donating a percentage of the sale to a charity. Simply search for African Lion & Environmental Research Trust as the charity you wish to support - and  the rest is automatic with MissionFish or eBay Giving Works making all the necessary transactions for you to ensure ALERT receives the percentage of the sale price you choose.

To sell your stuff in aid of ALERT in the UK click here

To sell your stuff in aid of ALERT in the US click here

Parachute for FREE in aid of ALERT (UK & US)

If you have ever wanted to do a parachute jump here is your chance. ALERT are looking for hundreds of adventurous volunteers to make a fundraising parachute jump and if you raise enough in sponsorship you will get to jump for free!

In the UK: Experience the thrill of a tandem skydive; jumping from 10,000 feet attached to a professional instructor.  You can jump from any one of over twenty British Parachute Association approved airfields across the UK. No experience is necessary as all training is given and, if you raise from £360*, you will receive your jump for free. So if you would like to make a thrilling skydive download the full information pack with everything you need to take part in the experience of a lifetime.

* For airfields based in Scotland and Northern Ireland the minimum sponsorship level for a tandem skydive is £450.

In the USA: You will enjoy the thrill of a tandem skydive, jumping out of a plane from 2 miles and falling at 120mph.  Skydive centres to undertake your jump are located in California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee.  No experience is necessary as all training is given and if you raise from $500 you will receive your jump for free. So if you would like to make a thrilling skydive visit the web site and choose to jump in aid of the African Lion & Environmental Research Trust to find out everything you need to take part in the experience of a lifetime.

Parachute for Lions


You can now donate to our charity without it costing you anything at all.   Sounds too good to be true?  It really isn’t!  All you need to do is dig out your old and unwanted mobile phones and our partners, Greensource Solutions will donate money to us on your behalf*.

It’s very easy and completely free!

If you are in the UK, simply visit Greensource Solutions’ website to request a freepost envelope and find out how easy it is to send them your mobile. If you would like to get in touch to discuss your donation, you can email the Greensource Solutions team at:, or telephone 0117 304 2390.  

* Terms and conditions apply read through the organisation’s small print first to avoid disappointment.

Help us to make this campaign a success by passing this information on to your family, friends and colleagues to encourage them to make their mobiles make money for ALERT too.

Recycle today - together we can help to save the King of Beasts.

GIVE AS YOU LIVE (UK only):  Thousands of stores will donate money to ALERT when you shop online at your favourite stores, at no cost to you. You'll even get special offers and competions from your favourite brands.  Click here on on the image.

Give As You Live

GIVE AS YOU SEARCH (UK only):  Every day you search the web.  Well now you can earn funds for ALERT whilst doing soat no cost to you.  Note:  When using thi service you can search for our profile by entering “African Lion” into the search field, our full name being the African Lion & Environmental Research Trust

Save these to save lions

The lion adorns the UK's 10 pence piece.  You can collect these in aid of lion conservation.  Below are links to various graphics so that you can create collection boxes.  As this is a private collection you are legally allowed to place these boxes on any private land, such as your local supermarket, bank or pub.  What you cannot do without a licence is place the box in a public building (e.g. local council office) or public place (i.e. collecting on the street).  

When your box is full, simply go to your nearest branch of Lloyds TSB and, using a deposit slip, pay your collection into our bank account, the details of which are:

African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (UK)
Lloyds Bank, 113 - 117 Oxford Street, London W1D 2HW
Account No.: 03482258
Sort Code: 30-98-71

Click on these links to download the images to create your collection box:  one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.  There is also a poster that you can download to promote your collection here.


Be aware that if you are planning to hold a raffle, lottery, bingo game or competition as part of your event, you may run into legal difficulties.   There are strict laws concerning these kinds of activities, so it is vital you are aware of any restrictions concerning your chosen activity.  The licensing department of your local authority will be able to advise you if in doubt. ALERT UK has a Small Lottery Licence which will allow you to carry out these activities legally as long as you quote this number on any printed materials: 13/05462/LILN.


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