Wildlife Videography & Photography

What can I expect?

This internship will provide you with a perfect introduction to wildlife filmmaking and photography in Africa.  Where else can you expect to see and film some of the world’s most iconic wildlife - often up close and very personal?  Encountering lions, elephants, giraffe, zebra and wildebeest - not to mention numerous species of antelope - on a daily basis will give any up-and-coming videographer a chance to capture some unforgettable images - and memories.  Through your work on this internship, you will also grow to learn and understand more about these fascinating animals and their habits in the wild.

What will I be doing?

Working in our video production unit, you will be involved in capturing wildlife on film and in photographs.  Your duties may vary depending on your location, but usually the majority of your day will be spent in the African bush as you film guests and volunteers on lion walks, elephant rides, horse safaris, games drives, etc.  You will also have the opportunity to assist with editing and final production to produce a personalised DVD of their adventure.  You may also be involved in our various community projects, as we endeavour to tell the fascinating stories of the people we encounter.  The content you produce will be used as promotional material to advertise the work of ALERT and its partners via various social media platforms and marketing strategies, as well as to raise revenues to help fund our programs.  You will be able to experience both videography and photography, but may choose to specialise depending on your experience and the skills you are looking to hone.

All equipment will be provided, but if you would prefer to use your own, it will be securely stored in the DVD studio when not in use.

ALERT retains all copyright of film and any photographs taken during this program for use in marketing.  Profits raised from video sales go towards funding the various conservation and community projects operating at our locations.

What are we looking for?

As a Wildlife Videography and Photography intern, you will ideally have, or be working towards, a relevant qualification and will naturally be confident with both stills and video cameras.  We are looking for people with sufficient technical skill, but even more importantly, a creative eye and the ability to see artistic possibilities that others may overlook.  While it’s hard to make our animals and our environment look anything other than stunning, it is possible to capture something very special; the ‘money shot’ that will take your breath away.

On a personal level, enthusiasm and initiative are a must!  You will also need to have good communication skills to deal with clients.  As the person who will be helping them to create memories, your role is to be professional, yet friendly and approachable without being intrusive.

Click on these links for more information on the locations currently available:

Gweru (Antelope Park), Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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Filming lions