Teaching in Africa

What can I expect?

ALERT’s holistic approach to conservation includes bringing benefits to our communities through a variety of conservation programs, thus creating a link between community and wildlife.  As a Teaching in Africa intern, you will be working alongside staff at schools and orphanages, both urban and rural, in the areas around our program sites.  Wherever the facility is located, resources are stretched to the limit and each will benefit from your time and passion, as well as from the funding that your placement will bring. 

The days will be long but at the end of each one, you can be sure that you have helped to make a real difference to the people you have met.

What will I be doing?

You will spend much of your day - particularly during the mornings - in a classroom assisting the local teacher.  The age range and class sizes will vary, but you will usually be working with students from Grade 4 up to Grade 7 (ages 9 to 12).  Your input may involve planning and delivering lessons, marking students’ work, supporting small groups of children who are struggling, and providing one-to-one learning support to those who need it most.  This is something class teachers in Africa simply do not have time for, but is vitally important to ensure that every child has an equal chance to learn and work towards a brighter future.  One of the benefits of welcoming visitors from around the world is the opportunity for local children to widen their knowledge of different countries and traditions.  You may want to plan an extra-curricular lesson based on your experiences.

You may also be involved in programs to deliver health education to the community on a wide range of topics, from the importance of dental hygiene and good nutrition, to learning to recognise the symptoms of TB.

What are we looking for?

Interns on our Teaching in Africa program will need to be creative.  Designing and making educational materials with limited resources requires lots of imagination.  We are looking for candidates with a relevant background in teaching and the ability to plan and deliver lessons on a wide range of topics to students of all abilities.  As many of these children live under extremely difficult circumstances, we are particularly interested in hearing from applicants with a social science background who can assist in helping these children to reach their potential, as well as carrying out research into appropriate teaching methods.

On a personal level, initiative and a ‘go to’ attitude are a must! Class teachers are busy and are looking for interns who are reliable and can do a good job under minimum supervision.  You will need to be able to think on your feet, have the confidence to lead classes, and engage children from often difficult backgrounds.

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