Climate Change

Environmental change as a result of a changing climate will have significant impacts on wildlife and conservation practices.

Canned Hunting

The issue of canned hunting is a hugely debated and emotive one. Here Dr. Pieter Kat looks at the issue from the viewpoint of whether canned operations are helping to protect wild lions from being hunted, and if so, is this an evil worth tolerating.

Hunting as Conservation?

Despite an acknowledged dramatic decline in the numbers of African lions, trophy hunters insist their activities contribute to the overall conservation of the species. But is there any truth in these claims?

Can Compensation Schemes Work?

A number of efforts are being made towards introducing viable compensation schemes to repay communities who lose livestock to predators in order gain support for predator populations. But can such schemes work in the long term?

Does Community Involvement in Conservation Provide an Alternative to Fortress Conservation?

Engaging communities as the protectors and benefactors of wildlife is the latest in a string of conservation methods to rise to the fore; but do these programs offer a new solution to the age old and more recent challenges?

Are Transfrontier Conservation Areas the Saviours of Africa's Wildlife?

On the face of it there seems to be a strong logic behind the idea of TFCAs but can they really deliver on the promises and are there negative consequences to such actions?

The ecological role of lions

As apex predators lions play a vital role in maintaining proper ecosystem function.

Diseases impacting lion populations: Introduction

A large variety of diseases impact lion populations including endemic and epidemic disease. Here we provide a wealth of information of a variety of health issues for free-ranging lions.

Diseases impacting lion populations: Endemic Diseases

A closer look at the endemic diseases, those that can be constantly prevalent, that impact lion populations.

Diseases impacting lion populations: Epidemic Diseases

A closer look at the epidemic diseases that impact lion populations

Diseases impacting lion populations: Potential Threats

Here we look at a variety of potential disease threats challenge lion populations

Diseases impacting lion populations: Parasites

Finally, we look at the many parasitic infections impacting lions

The Genetics of Lions

This article aims to shed light on the complex issue of the genetic status of lion populations, and the impact of sub-speciation

A socio-economic analysis of trophy hunting areas

This IUCN report comes to very different conclusions from what the trophy hunting industry are spoon-feeding the world in terms of trophy hunting value

Lion Depiction across Ancient and Modern Religions

A look at how the lion is represented in religion

The impacts of lions' evolutionary history on current conservation status and threats

The Impact of the Species’ Evolutionary History on its Current Conservation Status and Threats



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