About Us

Who we are

African Lion and Environmental Research Trust is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the conservation of the African wildlife, their ecosystems and the communities that live alongside them. Functional ecosystems are key to species survival, and therefore key to species conservation.

We aim to integrate community and research-based initiatives to aid wildlife conservation, support local communities and mitigate human-wildlife conflict. 

Our vision

African Lion and Environmental Research Trust’s vision is of national parks fulfilling their function of conserving biodiversity and nurturing scientific knowledge, whilst generating opportunities for the local communities to thrive in harmony with the protection of ecosystems and landscapes.

What we do

ALERT is dedicated to a multi-disciplinary approach to conservation through community and research based initiatives.

Instead of singular species, we study entire ecosystems surrounding our target species for a greater understanding of the most appropriate and effective conservation methods to apply.

A key component to our approach is the crucial involvement of surrounding communities who live alongside the Protected Areas and often suffer from human-wildlife conflict. 

Our conservation education efforts allow us the opportunity to spread the importance of conservation to many in caring for wildlife and the environment for generations to come.

Promoting prosperity to the local communities

We understand that the people who live around protected areas are essential to encourage conservation. To do this, they need to value nature and have living conditions that allow them to make it a priority, and to see conservation as a positive aspect in their lives.

This is why our community work is based on education and access to income, so that local communities can prosper and act for conservation. 

Chizarira National Park
Chizarira National Park

Research to support the Governance of Protected Areas

We believe that the management of protected areas and natural resources must be based on technical and reliable information to have an effective impact. 

Therefore, we collaborate with authorities and decision makers so that territorial management is driven by reliable and relevant information

Actions oriented to human-wildlife Coexistence

We believe that scientific knowledge should be accessible to all and serve to promote a more sustainable life for all species, going beyond academia.

Therefore, we promote research as the main ingredient to support conservation, oriented towards its application in real life: as a resource to solve the challenges of ecological conservation and improvement of the quality of life for surrounding communities.

Chizarira National Park

Our sponsors

ALERT would not be able to function without the generosity of our sponsors.