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Who is ALERT?

ALERT is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the conservation of the African lion and the ecosystems on which the species rely on. Neither lions nor humans can survive in isolation; both are reliant on functional ecosystems.

As such we seek to engage in activities that conserve all of Africa’s wild species, as well as the ecosystems within which they live and on which we rely.

Our vision

To ensure viable populations of African lions are maintained as an integral part of functional ecosystems and to assist in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems they live in

Our mission

ALERT is dedicated to a multi-disciplinary approach to conservation This involves a more holistic approach to conservation where the full eco system is studied including large predator prey species and other key species such as elephants. Woven into the fabric of our approach is the very important involvement of surrounding communities who lie alongside the Protected Areas and who often suffer from conflicts with wildlife. Our conservation education and classroom support allows us the opportunity to spread the importance of conservation to the young, and to involve teachers, community leaders and children in caring for wildlife and the environment.

Our Values



All of our projects are created to address a need and are designed to be relevant to the environment, context and needs.



Our team is made up of hard-working individuals dedicated to protecting the people and wildlife of Africa.



Together we can achieve more which is why we strive to ensure that we collaborate and partner with all key stakeholders and as many interested people as possible

Our Local solutions

Too often conservation efforts have been implemented using a broad brush approach.  A particular solution may have been relevant to the location in which it was developed, but elsewhere a seemingly similar challenge can be fundamentally different in origin and require an adapted response. Our responsible development promotes the implementation of locally conceived solutions that benefit from the experience of schemes successfully implemented in other locations.

Our Relevant solutions

Unless conservation solutions are relevant to the needs and aspirations of communities who live on the land they will have little reason to support them, and the solutions will ultimately falter.  Programmes are often donor-driven and research often only meets the requirements of a PhD thesis. Responsible development promotes community involvement in all aspects of conservation from design and implementation to ongoing reviews of the success of the programme – an element often given little attention.

Our Systems based & cooperative solutions

In nature, each habitat acts as a complex system comprised of many parts.   Air, soil, water, plants, animals, and, of course, people are all part of an interconnected system.  Using systems thinking based decision-making framework which allows us to consider the impacts of our actions on the whole system.  Such decision making can only be undertaken through co-operation between all stakeholders with their varied viewpoints, and understanding, of the system.

Our Partners

ALERT would not be able to function without the generosity of our partners/sister companies. ALERT would not be able to function without the generosity of our partners/sister companies

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