ALERT’s Academic Publications

 ALERT Research Publications

2022 Publications

Matshisela, A.U.Elliot, N.Chinoitezvi, E.Monks, N., & Loveridge, A. (2022). Long-distance African lion dispersal between two protected areasAfrican Journal of Ecology606770. []

2019 Publications

Mandinyenya, B., Monks, N., Mundy, P., Sebata, A., & Chirima, A. (2019). Habitat use by giraffe and greater kudu in the Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe. African Journal of Ecology. 00. 1–4. []

Mandinyenya,B., Monks, N., Mundy, P.,  Sebata, A., & Chirima A. (2019).  Habitat choices of African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) and plains zebra (Equus quagga) in a heterogeneous protected area. Wildlife Research. 47. 106 – 113. []

2018 Publications

Mandinyenya, B., Monks, N., Mundy, P., Sebata, A., & Chirima, A. (2018). Habitat use by a mixed feeder: impala (Aepyceros melampus) in a heterogeneous protected area.  Journal of Tropical Ecology. 34(6). 378–384. © Cambridge University Press. []

2017 Publications

Dunston, E.J., Abell, J., Freire, R., & Doyle. R. (2017). Does captivity influence territorial and hunting behaviour? Assessment for an ex-situ reintroduction program of African lions (Panthera leo). Mammal Review. 47. 254-260. []

Youldon, D.A., Abell, J., Briffitt, J.S., Chama, L., Channings, M.D., Kilundo, A., Larsen, C.K., Sakala, D., & Schulte, B.A. (2017). Patch-occupancy survey of elephant (Loxodonta africana) surrounding Livingstone, Zambia’.  Koedoe. 59(1). a1372. []

Dunston, E.J., Abell, J., Doyle, R.E., Kirk, J., Hilley, V.B., Forsyth, A., Jenkins, E., & Freire, R. (2016). An assessment of African lion (Panthera leo) sociality via social network analysis: pre-release monitoring for an ex-situ reintroduction program.  Current Zoology. 63(3). 301–311. []

2016 Publications

Dunston, E.J., Abell, J., & Freire, R. (2016). Behavioural correlates between daily activity and sociality in wild and captive origin African lions. Communicative and Integrative Biology. 9(5).e1208874. []      

Dunston, E.J., Abell, J., Doyle, R.E., Evershed, M., & Freire, R. (2016). Exploring African lion (Panthera leo behavioural phenotypes: individual differences and correlations between sociality, boldness and behaviour. Journal of Ethology. 34. 277–290. []

Youldon, D., Monks, N., & Abell, J. (2016). Re-introduction of the African lion from a captive origin:  Zambia and Zimbabwe.  In Soorae, P. S. (ed.) Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2016.  Case-studies from around the globe. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN/SSC Reintroduction Specialist Group and Abu Dhabi, UAE: Environment Agency Abu Dhabi. xiv + 276 pp. [pdf]

2013 Publications

Abell, J., Kirzinger, M.W.B., Gordon, Y., Kirk, J., Kokes, R., et al. (2013). A Social Network Analysis of Social Cohesion in a Constructed Pride: Implications for Ex Situ Reintroduction of the African Lion (Panthera leo). PLoS ONE. 8(12). e82541. []

Abell, J. & Youldon, D. (2013). Attending to the ‘biological, technical, financial and sociological factors’ of lion conservation: a response to Hunter et al. Oryx. 47(1). 25–26. []

Abell, J. (2013). Volunteering to help conserve endangered species: An identity approach to human-animal relationships.  Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology. 23(2). 157-170. []

Abell, J., Kokés, R., & Youldon, D. (2013). A framework for the ex situ reintroduction of the African lion (Panthera leo), Open Science Repository Natural Resources and Conservation, Online (open access). e70081986. []

Abell, J., Kokés, R., & Youldon, D. (2013). The long-term viability of current lion conservation strategies: A role for ex situ reintroduction. Open Science Repository Natural Resources and Conservation, Online (open-access). e70081975. []

2010 Publications

Ncube, S. & Ndagurwa, H. (2010). Influence of social upbringing on the activity pattern of captive lion Panthera leo cubs: Benefits of behavior enrichment. Current Zoology. 56. 389-394. []

Eklund, R., Peters, G.S., Ananthakrishnan, G., & Mabiza, E. (2011). An acoustic analysis of lion roars. I : Data collection and spectrogram and waveform analyses. TMH-QPSR. 51(1). 1-4. [pdf]

Student Supported Research

2019 Publications

Mandinyenya, B. (2019). Spatial dispersion of herbivorous mammals within an African savanna. MSc Thesis. National University of Science and Technology.

2017 Publications

Khumalo, S. (2016/2017). An investigation of the extent of improper waste disposal, and prevalence of non-biodegradable solid waste in elephant (Loxodonta africana) dung in the Zambezi National Park environs, in Zimbabwe. BSc (Hons) Thesis. University of Zimbabwe.

2016 Publications

Cant, C. (2016).  Investigating the effects of olfactory stimulation on lions.  Undergraduate Thesis.  University of Glasgow.

Magwiro, R. (2016). Distribution and change in population densities of large ungulates in Zambezi National Park.  BSc (Hons) Thesis University of Zimbabwe.     

2015 Publications

Baines, A. (2015). Activity budgets and social interactions of captive bred lion (Panthera leo leo) cubs, and the implications for further stages within ALERT.  Undergraduate Thesis. Royal Holloway University of London.

Broggini, C. (2015). mtDNA sequencing as a useful tool in lion reintroduction programs.  Undergraduate Thesis.  Universita Degli Studi Dell’Insubria.

Bucciarelli, J. (2015).  Observing captive bred Panthera leo behaviours and comparing these results to those of wild Panthera leo for conservation and restoration of current wild Panthera leo  populations.  Undergraduate Thesis. University of New York at Purchase College.

Halloran, O. (2015). Recruitment of Stalking Behaviour in African Lions (Panthera leo).  Undergraduate Thesis. University of Glasgow.

Le Marquand, J. (2015). Animal Personalities in the African Lion, Panthera leo.  Undergraduate Thesis.  University of Sussex.

2014 Publications

Armstrong, R. (2014). Evaluating the Impact of a Conservation Education Programme in Zimbabwe: Measuring children’s environmental attitudes and values using the Model of Ecological Value (2-MEV). MSc Thesis. Edinburgh University.

Keel-Stocker, M. (2014). Evaluating the effectiveness of natural, low cost behavioural enrichments and their effects on territorial behaviour of conservation breeding male African lions (Panthera leo). Undergraduate Thesis. University of Greenwich.

2013 Publications

Channings, M. (2013).  Are there any gender differences in the play behaviours of captive African lion (Panthera leo) cubs?  Undergraduate Thesis. Merrist Wood College.

Dunston, E. (2013). Sociality and functionality of captive-bred origin prides and a wild pride of African lions (Panthera leo) as part of pre-release monitoring for an ex-situ reintroduction program. PhD Thesis. Charles Sturt University.

Hilley, V. (2013).  Group Dynamics and Behaviours Associated with Enrichment Coloured Objects in the African Lion (Panthera leo).  MSc Thesis. California Polytechnic State University.

2012 Publications

Becerra, L. (2012). Benefit sharing arrangements from nature-based tourism.  PhD Thesis. University of Montana.

Flemming, A. (2012).  Social Network Analysis in Captive Lions:  Implications for Management and Reintroductions. Undergraduate Thesis. Australian National University.

2011 Publications

Goodman, C. (2011). Walking with Lions: reconfiguring “wild(er)ness”, domestication and captivity through ALERT’s lion rewilding project. 

Jansen, S. (2011).  Reintroduction of Social Carnivores: Effect of composition on cooperation and hunting success in lion hunting groups. MSc Thesis. Wageningen University. 

Lewis, C. (2011).  Enrichment impact on activity level. Undergraduate Thesis. University of Glamorgan.

Majors, J. (2011). Can Captive Breeding and Release be a Viable Compliment to In-Situ Conservation in Preventing the Extinction of the African Lion (Panthera leo)?  MSc Thesis.  University of Denver.

2010 Publications

Kokes, H.R. (2010). Influence of human presence on play behaviour and development in captive bred lion cubs. MSc Thesis. Manchester Metropolitan.

Arguedas, K. (2010).  Is social influence a better promoter of conservation attitudes than education alone amongst communities affected by conflicts with wildlife? Undergraduate Thesis. Princetown University.

2009 Publications

Clifforde, L. (2009). Behavioural sequencing and Character Development in Lion Cubs. M.Phil Thesis. University of Exeter.

Murphy, J. (2009).  Exploring the Motivations of Participants in Volunteer Conservation Tourism and their Understandings of Biodiversity Conservation.  MSc Thesis. East Anglia University.

Oyvind, H. (2009). Voluntarily ending aid dependence.  Undergraduate Thesis. University of Oslo.

Doppelmayr, A. (2009) Economic impacts of tourism in the Livingstone area, Zambia. MSc Thesis. University of Oslo.

2008 Publications

Mandisodza, R. (2008).  The rehabilitation of Captive Bred Lions (Panthera leo) in a Semi-Wild Environment for Release to the Wild. MSc Thesis. University of Zimbabwe.